April 9, 2015
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Pet adoption isn’t the only thing that’s been revolutionized by social media. Hundreds of Facebook pages devoted to finding lost pets, or locating the owners of found pets, have also sprung up in recent years, often with remarkable track records of success.

In addition to providing a place to list lost and found pets, these communities usually offer tips on looking for your lost pets, catching loose or stray pets, and other invaluable tips.

We know this list isn’t complete. If you know of an active Facebook community helping with lost or found pets in the U.S., please email keith@maddiesfund.org so we can add them!


Alaska (Anchorage area only)

Arizona – Cats

Arizona – Dogs


Arkansas – Siloam Springs

Arkansas – LAFPONWA

Arkansas 2

Arkansas – Northwest

California – Dogs

California – Cats

California – Chino Valley

California – Inland Empire

California – Eastvale

California – East Contra Costa County

California – Southern

California – West Contra Costa County

Colorado – 1

Colorado- 2



District of Columbia (Washington DC)


Florida – Hillsborough County, Tampa


Hawaii (Oahu area only)

Idaho *

Illinois – Dogs

Illinois – Cats


Indiana (Northern) and Southern Michigan – Michiana


Kansas *

Kentucky *

Louisiana *

Maine – Cats

MaineĀ – Dogs

Maryland *

Massachusetts 1

Massachusetts 2

Massachusetts – Cape Cod


Michigan – Grand Rapids

Michigan: Lost and Found Paws of the U.P.

Michigan (Southern) and Northern Indiana – Michiana

Minnesota – Cats

Minnesota – Dogs


Missouri *


Nebraska *

Nevada *

New Hampshire *

New Jersey – 1

New Jersey – 2

New Mexico

New York – Brooklyn

New York – Finger Lakes

New York – Hudson Valley

North Carolina

North Dakota


Oklahoma *

Oregon *


Rhode Island

South Carolina *

South Dakota *




Vermont *

Virginia (Dogs)

Virginia (Cats)

Virginia – Prince William County

Washington (State)

West Virginia

Wisconsin – Lost Dogs

Wisconsin – Lost Cats

Wyoming *


Lost and Found Pets of the Mid-South

* These states may have local or greater regional lost pet pages, but no central state page with a large following has emerged. Click on the links to generate a Google search for the local, regional, or smaller national groups; you should probably consider posting to as many of them as possible. You can also try lost and found pets on Facebook, lost cats on Facebook and lost dogs on Facebook to find local, regional, and new Facebook pages and groups for lost and found pets.

Do you have an update to this list? Email keith@maddiesfund.org!


  1. wpadmin says:


    We are currently the largest in Massachusetts.

  2. wpadmin says:

    hey where’s Canada? we always share your lost and found posts.. to our friends in the USA… just saying..

  3. wpadmin says:

    In Northern Indiana / Southern Michigan Border – Michiana Missing Dog Network on FB https://m.facebook.com/MichianaMissingDogNetwork

  4. wpadmin says:

    Please add Indiana – Lost and Found Pets to Indiana.

  5. wpadmin says:

    Kat Albrecht of Missing Pet Partnership* mentioned using a centralized database to help get more pets back home. Many of the Facebook groups in the US and some in Canada, as well as a growing number of shelter are using the Helping Lost Pets site (HeLP), a free, centralized database. You can view links to the groups and shelters using this site. Nice because it’s just for pets, not lost phones, etc. http://www.helpinglostpets.com

    It is free for shelters as well as pet owners to use. It’s map based and it’s quick and easy to upload to, as well as view lost and found pets. Ads are shareable, printable, savable as pdfs or picture files. Shelters can list stray animals and also make their adoptable pet listings viewable so they can share all found and adoptable pets even if they don’t have their own website.

    Pre-registration of animals for foster parents, pet owners or caregivers is also free. Then if an animal goes missing, simply change the status from “Safe” to “Lost” and indicate where on the map. Alerts are sent out automatically via email/text/Twitter to those in area signed up to get them. If the status changes, alert updates are also sent out.

    Also a great resource for anyone travelling with pets in case they go missing and you need to quickly connect with area shelters, groups, and volunteers you wouldn’t otherwise know about.

    * She mentioned this in a recorded webinar that’s no longer online. This Maddie’s Institute article links to unique, species specific, behavior specific information that Missing Pet Partnership has on achieving successful lost pet recovery.

    “What You Don’t Know About Lost Pets Can Hurt Them”,
    by Kathy Albrecht,

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