March 9, 2017
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In early 2016, Maddie’s Fund® had a dream: What if hundreds or even a thousand shelters and adoption groups would come together and share their data through Shelter Animals Count?

Shelter Animals Count was established to create a national database of animal shelter statistics. At the time of our dream, just over 400 participating organizations had signed up since the database launched in late 2015. What would it take to double that number? Asking that question was how our first Incentive Grant was born, intended to encourage shelters and rescue organizations to register and participate in Shelter Animals Count.

We offered grants of $1,000 to every qualifying organization who registered, agreed to share their data publicly and submitted their data for the first quarter of 2016. We sweetened the deal by offering $500 grants for every referral, as long as both the referring and the referred organizations were in compliance with the grant requirements.

So, how did our dream work out? We had a goal of getting Shelter Animals Count to one thousand participants. We’d have been happy with simply doubling the number. But when the dust settled and the paperwork was done, Shelter Animals Count had just under 4,000 participating organizations, bringing the amount we awarded to $2,979,000 in grant funding!

Why is Maddie’s Fund so excited about data? Because it makes animal lifesaving possible. “Maddie’s Fund believes tracking numbers is key to the success of any animal welfare organization,” said Director of Grants Shelly Thompson. “Statistics are roadmaps that show you were you began, let you know where you are and lay out the path you need to take to get where you want to go.”

Would you like to learn more? The complete Shelter Animals Count Maddie’s Incentive Grant Report can be viewed and downloaded here.

And if you’re involved with an animal shelter or rescue group and you believe shelter animals count, then be part of counting them. Visit them today!

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