The kitties went down to Georgia – and their lives were saved!

Madi R. Hawkins, Director of Habersham County Animal Care & Control in Georgia, loves cats. She especially loves being in charge of a shelter that’s committed to saving them — even though it hasn’t always been that way. “The polices in place when I first started, especially in regards to feral cats, were heartbreaking,” she… Learn More

Lessons from a Brazilian community dog program

Most of us in animal welfare are on board with the concept of community cats — unowned cats who live in neighborhoods, some feral, some social. Can that concept work for dogs, too? It’s not an idea that sits easily with most people. Communities with large numbers of stray dogs in the U.S. are rare,… Learn More

What’s up for animals in Dane County? A Maddie’s grant report

Dane County, WI, is a good place for homeless pets, thanks to Maddie and the hard work of local animal adoption organizations. The Maddie’s® Pet Rescue Project in Dane County was a seven-year, collaborative effort to end the euthanasia of healthy and treatable shelter animals in the community. Four organizations came together during different periods… Learn More

How Cleveland’s informal coalition is saving animals’ lives

When the Cleveland Animal Protective League got hit with nearly 150 cats from a hoarding situation last January, most with serious health problems, they knew it was a challenge they didn’t have to face alone. “All these cats had been living in a free-roaming environment, and we found we had some FIV and FeLV, some… Learn More

Adopting a second cat can make your resident feline happier and healthier

September is Happy Healthy Cat Month, and the CATalyst Council wants you to consider heading to the shelter and adopting your solo feline a friend. From the campaign website: Think about getting another cat. Cats are social animals, so you might want to consider visiting the shelter and adopting a another cat. They love to… Learn More

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