New canine vaccination guidelines for pets, shelter dogs

When should you vaccinate your dog, and for what? How can shelters use vaccines to protect against outbreaks? And what about titer testing? The latest recommendations from a panel of veterinary experts, including a number of shelter medicine leaders, has the answers! The newest guidelines for canine vaccination have been published by the American Animal… Learn More

Senior cats may soon outnumber kittens in animal shelters

“Ramp up your medical programs for seniors, folks – soon enough you’ll be seeing far more of those than adoption age kittens.” Those words were posted by Karina King, Director of Operations for the Dakin Humane Society, on a Million Cat Challenge discussion forum. For communities at the height of their kitten season, the thought… Learn More

How to help treat and prevent unwanted fleas at your shelter

A young litter of puppies and their lactating leading lady arrive at your shelter with some uninvited guests: fleas! What do you do now? Don’t fret; here are some useful tips from Chelsea Reinhard, DVM, MPH, Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Resident at Tufts University, to help protect your shelter’s dogs and cats. Treat early and monthly… Learn More

Resources to save shelter cats’ lives

The Million Cat Challenge is a partnership of Maddie’s Fund®, the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program, Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida, and the ASPCA®, formed to help shelters save the lives of 1 million more cats. It is based on five key initiatives which bring forward those approaches that have… Learn More

Rich Avanzino: The role of the veterinarian in animal sheltering

 The unprecedented animal lifesaving we see sweeping the country today came about hand in hand with the rise of shelter medicine. Richard Avanzino, the first president of Maddie’s Fund® and the man widely considered the “godfather of the no-kill movement,” reflected a decade ago on the role of the veterinarian in animal sheltering. Here is… Learn More

Top tip for saving orphaned kittens: Learn how to examine them correctly

Orphaned kittens are fragile. Even under the best of circumstances they often don’t survive, and being orphaned is a major threat to their health. While many dedicated caregivers take it on themselves to bottle feed these babies, few know how to perform a basic exam that could mean the difference between life and death for… Learn More

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