February 5, 2018
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Sassy cat

Ready for another week? In case you missed it, we have the best of last week to get you off to a good start — with a chance to win up to $350,000 in the Innovation Showdown, pet adoption in the news, an unsung hero to celebrate, tips on coping with foster caregiver turnover and more. Happy #MaddieMonday!

Don’t forget! Deadline is 2/16 for the Innovation Showdown
If you have great ideas to save more animals, don’t be shy… speak up! There’s $350,000 at stake in the 2018 Innovation Showdown from Petco Foundation, Maddie’s Fund®, the ASPCA, the Jackson Galaxy Project, The Humane Society of the United States, Best Friends Animal Society, Michelson Found Animals and the Watershed Animal Fund. Here’s how to enter…

Study: Foster caregiver turnover and how your animal welfare organization can combat it
Ever wonder why foster caregivers stop fostering? How can your organization increase retention? Maddie’s Fund set out to answer these questions by sponsoring a recent study at UNC Charlotte on foster turnover. The results, and what your organization can do about the problem, may surprise you. Read more…

What animal organizations can do as Facebook makes changes
Shelters, rescue organizations, and other nonprofits are asking about changes on Facebook. What can animal organizations do to keep getting their message out? Find out…

Unsung hero
Sarah Saunders of Bayou Animal Services, one of our Medium and Large Adult Dog Foster Apprentices, was just awarded Petco Foundation’s Unsung Hero award for her work during Hurricane Harvey. We’re so proud of you, Sarah. Read more…

Shelter Pet Project spokesdog makes the Dog Bowl!
Hamilton Pug, official spokespet for our funded Shelter Pet Project and real-life adopted dog, was featured in Animal Planet’s Dog Bowl this weekend. We love you, Hamilton!

The Washington Post looks at pet adoptions
Arin Greenwood wrote in the Washington Post about the movement toward making pet adoption more open and adopter-Friendly. Our own Dr. Sheila D’Arpino was quoted. Read it here…

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