March 13, 2018
Categories: Marketing, PR, and Social Media

Cast your vote and shine a light on pets waiting for homes!

Shelter pets are undefeated in the Ad Council’s March ADness — every year prior to this, when the Shelter Pet Project had a campaign in competition, they’ve won. Now it’s time to vote again, this time for the Social Paws campaign, where real-life adopted pets took over basically every holiday, serious and silly (like the one below!), and created their own social media messages trying to get their friends still in shelters and rescue organizations adopted, too.

Here’s all you have to do to ensure their winning streak doesn’t end:

  1. Go to the Ad Council’s Ad Libbing website and sign up to get competition ballots via email.
  2. Ask 3,478,291 of your closest personal friends to sign up, too.
  3. Every time it asks you to vote, vote #SocialPaws and #ShelterPetsForTheWin!

Remember: Don’t let #TeamShelterPets down – sign up and vote them to victory again!

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