April 24, 2018
Categories: Announcements
Happy Birthday, Maddie!

This Thursday, April 26, we’ll be celebrating the little dog who started a revolution… because it’s our beloved Maddie’s birthday! Will you join us?

We don’t have to tell you the impact Maddie has made – and continues to make – is profound. In addition to inspiring the creation of Maddie’s Fund®, some of the #ThanksToMaddie accomplishments include shifting the national conversation toward no-kill standards for homeless dogs and cats; community-wide goals and solutions promoting community-wide collaborations focused on pet lifesaving; awarding more than $209.8 million dollars in grants to animal welfare organizations; promoting community-wide collaborations focused on pet lifesaving, and so much more!

So on her birthday, we’re asking you to share how Maddie has impacted you or your organization.

Whether it was the chance to do something you never thought you could with the help of an Innovation Grant, furthering your education through Maddie’s® Apprenticeship Program or saving more lives with foster care resources, Maddie has continued to touch the lives of so many.

Share your story on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram using #ThankstoMaddie and #HappyBdayMaddie. We’ll be sharing, retweeting and reposting your creative tributes all week!

Feeling extra festive? Have a mini celebration and get the pets involved! Here are a few ways:

  • Bake a cake or treats! This grain-free cake sounds delicious.
  • No time to bake? No problem. Peanut butter or baby carrots are easy and tasty!
  • Put on some party hats and music and have a dance party.
  • Don’t forget the kitties! Here are some homemade cat treats to make (or store-bought works just as well!)
  • Share a story of a particular touching adoption story.

Don’t forget to share your celebrations on social media with a photo and hashtags! Let’s celebrate Maddie far and wide!