August 27, 2018
Categories: #MaddieMonday
Dog and veterinarian

Did you know there’s a new crowdfunding platform that helps pet owners and animal organizations raise money for vet care? That’s just one piece of news from this week’s #MaddieMonday! Check out the rest!

New crowdfunding platform helps pet owners and animal organizations raise money for vet care
Whether you are a shelter professional, rescue volunteer or pet owner, you’ve probably seen people crowdfunding for sick or injured pets. But how do you know it’s legitimate? Sometimes people post copies of their bills, but often you’re asked to simply take their word for it. That’s where Waggle comes in. Learn more

AVMA article lays out ways private practice veterinarians can help save homeless pets
A new article in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association says private practice veterinarians have the power to help end pet homelessness and euthanasia in their communities. Learn more

Registration for the Get ‘Em Home Challenge is open!
Is there a better feeling in the world than one of your shelter’s long-stay animals finding a home? How about the feeling of receiving a grant? What if you could do both? You can by registering for the Get ‘Em Home Challenge! Register today

Join us for a free webcast about what’s next for the Million Cat Challenge on September 13!
In this free webcast, you’ll learn about the lessons learned from the first million, discover how you can be part of locking in and perfecting the methods that work to help cats, the people who care for them and the communities you serve in the next chapter. Register now

Looking to build your skills with practical experience? Consider one of our Externships or Internships!
Externships take place over a short period of time with the opportunity to work side by side in your chosen field,  while internships provide real world work experience with on-the-job training. Apply today!

Want to increase lifesaving?
Stay connected through Maddie’s® Pet Forum, use Maddie’s® Pet Assistant app to increase foster care success and take advantage of free online training with Maddie’s® University!

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