February 8, 2019
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911 dispatch foster dog

How do you help out stressed workers and get a dog adopted at the same time? By fostering a dog in the workplace!

That’s exactly what 911 dispatchers in Franklin, IN, are doing. And according to FOX59, their important work has already gotten their new co-worker, Lincoln, adopted!

Lincoln, a 6-year-old shepherd pointer mix has been a calming presence for the dispatchers. According to 911 Director Heath Brant, they can often suffer from post-traumatic stress due to the phone calls they take.

Lincoln spends 24 hours a day at the center, and even has a locker full of treats. Thanks to the endless supply of hugs and attention, Lincoln has been well-socialized at the center. Which is probably why he’s only been at the 911 center for a week and half and already has a new home lined up with a police officer, who has promised to bring him back for visits.

Employees at the center have their eye on a new shelter dog, and plan to bring that dog in and foster him as well.

Watch the sweet video below. Maybe it will inspire you to try out a similar program! Have a great weekend.

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