April 5, 2019
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Ian, a creative eighth-grader and budding videographer specializing in stop-motion animation, wanted to help shelter animals. So naturally, he made a video.

Utilizing his iPhone for photos, some Legos and video editing software, Ian created a short, PSA to promote fostering. He took over 4,000 photos and pieced them together to create this impressive video. He even engaged his younger sister to help with the voice-overs.

Ian’s family has a rescue dog and has fostered several dogs. He says his favorite things about fostering are picking out the dog and the companionship. He loves taking them for walks and petting them. And while it was hard to say goodbye, he definitely wants to do it again.

What would he tell his friends about fostering? “It’s so fun,” he said. And, when asked what he wants people to do after seeing this video, he replied, “Foster a dog. You can try out a dog and see what it’s like at your home.”

His dad calls him meticulous, compassionate and creative. We call him the next generation of animal welfare. And we have to say the future’s looking bright! Do you have talented youth in your area? Shoot us an email at marketing@maddiesfund.org if you do!

Enjoy the video, and have a great weekend!

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