July 8, 2019
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How shelters can overcome obstacles to dog field trips and save more lives
Chesapeake Animal Services is one of a string of organizations that have invited the public to take their dogs on field trips…and emptied their dog kennels in the process! It may look easy, but all of these organizations had obstacles to overcome before their programs could be this successful. Luckily, they’re willing to share what… Learn More

Create your own custom Maddie’s University training for staff, volunteers and fosters
How would you like to have ample training tools tailored to your organization, all in one place? Maddie’s Lifesaver Training does just that! This free service from Maddie’s® University offers customized online training solutions for shelters and rescue organizations. Using the wide variety of classes that are on Maddie’s® University, you can create your own training… Learn More

Then and Now: Alachua County Community Collaborative Project
As our 25th anniversary celebration continues, we’re looking back “then and now” style at some of the grants we’ve given over the years, and the amazing impact they’ve had on their communities since then. We’re kicking off the stories with Maddie’s® Projects in Alachua County, FL. “The project originally started as a five-year project in… Learn More

Have you updated your Shelter Animals Count data recently?
If not, you can update it now! Also, Shelter Animals Count is excited to announce that the first quarterly data publish featuring 2011 – Q1 2019 data is now live!

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Want to increase lifesaving?
Stay connected through Maddie’s® Pet Forum, use Maddie’s® Pet Assistant app to increase foster care success and take advantage of free online training with Maddie’s® University!

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