September 30, 2019
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Shelter dog behavior assessments not reliable, reports ASPCA
This post originally ran on June 28, 2018. We wanted to share again because we think this topic is very important.  An in-shelter behavior assessment is not a reliable way to determine whether dogs will or won’t be safe in adoptive homes, reports a new ASPCA position statement. Instead, such evaluations need to be based… Learn More

Join us for an array of lifesaving webcasts this fall!
As you enjoy cooler temperatures, we hope you will join us for a wide variety of webcasts. From managing diarrhea in kittens, to making hard changes to lifesaving protocols for at-risk shelter dogs, we have something for everyone this fall. Each webcast will be available to view on-demand after the live webcast, so don’t fret… Learn More

Has your shelter registered for Maddie’s® Shelter Compass yet?
What are you waiting for?! Animal shelters can now build a custom lifesaving roadmap within minutes, thanks to Maddie’s® Shelter Compass. Registration for this free web-based tool is easy to do. All you need to do is enter some basic shelter data and answer a few questions, and woof there it is! Learn More

You can now watch recordings of sessions from Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Conference! 
Now in its 16th year, this conference provides high-quality education for veterinary, animal shelter and spay/neuter professionals to improve the quality of care for animals. Presentations are given by speakers who are highly regarded in their respective fields in five major tracks: DVM, LVT, Management, Staff & Volunteers and Disaster Emergency Sheltering. Watch Now

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*NEW* Featured throwback: Study: Audiobooks outperform music at reducing stress in shelter dogs
By now you’ve probably seen the research showing dogs in shelters are quieter when they’re listening to soft rock, reggae, and (at least for short periods) classical music. You may have seen programs where children come in and read to shelter dogs. So here’s the question: Do dogs like listening to audiobooks?… Learn More

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