October 1, 2019
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Why do you want to be a leader? That’s just one question you’ll be asked to answer in the new, self-paced Leadership course, Leadership: It Begins with You. Led by our own Lisa Ward, Director of Education at Maddie’s Fund, the course focuses on helping you grow as a leader through self-evaluation. 

Before you start self-reflecting, it’s important to establish some of the key qualities of an effective leader. 

First and foremost, you must have a vision,” says WardVision meaning, that ability to see the big picture. To know where you’re going and to anticipate what might happen next.” 

Another key quality? Being able to take chances. “Taking chances is scary. Can you take chances?” asks Ward.  

This quality of risk-taking is closely tied to that of strength. “You also have to be strong, know what you want to do and have that passion inside of you to do it. It’s important to be grounded in your values and where you make decisions.” 

 Of course, this can make you vulnerable, especially when you’re out in front of everyone, which is why vulnerability is another key quality of an effective leader. 

How about you? Do you feel like you possess these qualities, or have the ability to grow and develop them? And, back to the main question, why do you want to be leader? (Hint: there are no wrong answers!) 

Dig deeper by taking this free course for yourself. After completing it, you’ll be able to: explain why you wish to be a leader, describe key qualities of an effective leader, evaluate your own leadership qualities, and create an action plan for leadership and growth. And, in turn, you’ll be able to inspire more people and save more lives.