November 18, 2019
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Apply today! Maddie’s® Apprenticeship Program application deadline is November 22, 2019
Maddie’s® Apprenticeship Program is an exciting opportunity for shelters and rescue organizations to share ideas and strategies to improve lifesaving. Through a blended learning experience, both direct hands-on and online, organizations looking to improve their practices will benefit from the wisdom shared by well established innovative programs that have proven to save lives. Learn More

Pitt County Animal Services (PCAS) may not have a lot of resources, but that doesn’t keep them from trying new ideas to save lives. In July of 2002 they took over shelter operations from the City of Greenville, NC. At that time, only 25% of animals were leaving the shelter alive. It’s been a long… Learn More

Then and Now: Austin, Texas
As our 25th anniversary celebration continues, we’re looking back “then and now” style at some of the grants we’ve given over the years, and the amazing impact they’ve had on their communities since then. We’re continuing the stories with Austin, Texas. When it comes to astonishing progress in saving shelter pets, Austin, TX, stands out… Learn More

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Featured Throwback: Just say no to the ‘conventional wisdom’: Sherri Franklin’s Aha! journey saving senior dogs
How much of the “conventional wisdom” about adoption and foster programs makes sense, and how much of it just keeps your organization from saving as many animals as it could? Learn More

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