December 31, 2019
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As we, at Maddie’s Fund®, reflect on this past year and the #FosterExpressChallenge, we can’t help but smile. As a field, we’ve come a long way. Just a few short years ago, holiday fostering was rare and non-existent at many places. Now, it’s taking the country by storm! We’re so proud of the work you all have been putting into this initiative, and it’s clearly paying off. Animals are getting a much needed break from shelters and finding forever homes. That’s something to celebrate as we close out 2019.

Now, excuse us as we get back to reading the #FosterExpressChallenge stories. Below are just a few of the recent ones that are sure to make you smile!

From all of us at Maddie’s Fund, Happy New Year. We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store.

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BonBon visited a home for the holidays through our Foster Express program — and now, he is going to be adopted! Hooray! ❤️ It’s not too late to get involved with the Foster Express program where you can take select pets home from 2-5 days. MCAS will provide all food and necessary supplies. For more information, please visit the Palmetto location and inquire for further details at the front desk. *** *** #manateecountyanimalservices #mcas #mcasadopt#adoptdontshop #manateecounty #shelterpets #rescueismyfavoritebreed #dogsofinstagram #foster #fosterexpresschallenge #holidayfostering #bonbon #happydog #fosterfailure #hooray

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Luke has been up to a lot lately! He went to a short-term foster home, and we learned so much about him. Luke didn’t have any accidents in the house, didn’t bark (but did cry a little when left alone…), slept fine in a crate with the door open and was very affectionate, especially with women. He loved the other dogs and was very respectful of boundaries. Luke is often in playgroups at the SPCA. He has played really well with many different dogs. He will run and chase other dogs when appropriate but also hangs out calmly if the other dogs don't want to play. When he is ready to go inside, he sits by the gate nicely. Luke also went on a Fido Field Trip recently! He was a little nervous at first but patience and treats went a long way! He was comfortable enough to nap after a walk and did really well with other dogs. He was scared of bicycles going by, though. Luke is really sweet and loving – very treat motivated. Interested in adopting a Luke? Visit Luke is eligible for our Free Adoptions for Veterans program! #fosterexpresschallenge #adoptmecville #fostermecville #rescue #houndlove

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Dear Santa – I know you're long gone now and getting some well-deserved rest far away from Santa Barbara at the North Pole but I just HAD to tell you what a wonderful Christmas I had! Actually, why I don't I let my foster tell you in his words. He summed it so well: "My time with Scarlett was absolutely unforgettable. I had to stay in Santa Barbara for work and I was sad that I was going to be spending Christmas and Christmas Eve alone. But then I saw Scarlett's letter to Santa asking to be fostered for the holidays, and I knew that it was the perfect opportunity for the both of us. When I met her at the shelter I absolutely fell in love with her! On the ride home, she didn't bark once in her crate. We became inseparable as soon as I brought her into my home. She loved to cuddle and give me licks on the cheek, and followed me everywhere around the house. When it was time for bed, she would move her bed right next to mine and pull my blanket off the bed to wrap around herself. She always left me enough blanket on the bed to be warm too. 💜 When it was time to go outside, Scarlett was a powerhouse! I had to exude a strong grip on the leash as she was exploring, sniffing, and traveling. She motivated me to go on a run with her every day for the time I had her. We would also go to the park together and do fun workouts. She loved it when I had other people over; she was always showing affection to them. Whenever she got overwhelmed, which was only once, I put her in her crate for a bit to calm down and she came back happy as could be. I absolutely fell in love with her." Santa, I'm back at the shelter and ready to find my forever home now. I can feel my forever home is close now. Enjoy that snow and I'll continue to enjoy the sunshine. 😉 XOXO, Scarlett (P.S. If my forever home is out there listening my email address is The shelter says you can also DM me. I’ve been here almost a year now. Little reminder – I need to be the only pet in my new home. And I think little kids are pretty cute!) #nevertoolatetotalktosanta #fosterexpresschallenge #santassleepover #pittiesofcalifornia #santabarbaradogs @maddiesfund

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We are so excited to announce that 94 of our animals went into foster homes for the Holidays! We had only two available dogs stay with us, Nova and Kenneth, so we made sure to give them extra treats and snuggles. Animals will be trickling back into the facility today, and some are staying in their foster homes until after the New Year. We are extremely thankful to those who opened their hearts and homes for the holiday to our homeless animals! We are LOVING the photo updates (we will be posting them on our Instagram and Facebook stories as they come in!), and we are learning all sorts of new things about our animals as they relax in home environments! If you would like to partake in holiday fostering, we are extending the program and reccomend visiting the facility to see who is available! @maddiesfund #ThanksToMaddie #fosteringsaveslives #FosterExpressChallenge

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UPDATE: Adopted! Clause is still available! It's hard to choose a favorite photo of him out of all the gems his Home for the Holiday foster parents sent us. He has been waiting for a home for two weeks since he transferred to us from another Utah shelter. We don't know how long he waited in the previous shelter. He had a lovely break from shelter life over Christmas, but can you help us find him a home in time for the new year? His foster parents tell us he was housetrained in their home and didn't mind being crated for a short time. He was around other dogs and kids and did well. Clause knows sit, lay, drop it, give it and stay. He would thrive with exercise, cuddles, and attention. They describe him as being affectionate, energetic and playful. Clause LOVES fetch! Come meet him at 4242 S 300 W in Murray, Utah. We're open 10-7 every day. Visit the link in our bio for availability. #fosterexpresschallenge

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