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Prescription strength Cat

#FeelGoodFriday: Prescription-strength Cat will powerfully boost your immune system

Following on the success of prescription-strength Dog (bestfriendor), Big Pharma has been researching another miracle therapy. Now they’ve brought prescription-strength Cat (purrfectis) to the market, and there’s never been anything like it for restoring and preserving your health! Like Dog, Cat works as a primary immune system enhancer, treating a wide array of conditions from… Learn More

dog eating

Is it time to stop evaluating shelter dogs for food guarding?

Research published last month suggests evaluating shelter dogs for food guarding doesn’t increase safety or reduce bites, and may result in lower adoption rates and increased euthanasia of dogs who are defined as “food guarders.” The behavior a dog shows in an animal shelter may not match the behavior she’ll show once in a home.… Learn More

Grateful kitten

#MaddieMonday: DNA test for ringworm in cats, registering for the Animal Shelter Management Certificate Program and more!

Happy #MaddieMonday! We’re bringing you all the news from the past week, plus an opportunity to register for the Animal Shelter Management Certificate Program at the University of the Pacific! More details below… This animal organization donor ‘thank you’ message is the cat’s meow! Every animal shelter or rescue organization could use more money, right?… Learn More

Roman and Ru

#FeelGoodFriday: 6-year-old boy is saving all the dogs

This little boy is definitely every homeless dog’s best friend! Roman loves dogs and wants them to find homes. He wants that so much he makes adoption videos for them, showcasing their amazing qualities and explaining why adopting one of them would make your life better. In fact, we’re pretty sure if you just do… Learn More

wood's lamp

DNA test for ringworm can clear cats for adoption more quickly

A rapid DNA test lets animal shelters know with certainty that a cat or kitten is negative for ringworm, allowing those kitties to head straight out to the adoption floor or into foster care without concern that they might be contagious. The test considered the “gold standard” for diagnosing ringworm (Microsporum canis dermatophytosis) in cats is… Learn More

Fraser and Billy cuddling

#FeelGoodFriday: When Billy the rescue cat met a little boy with autism

When a little boy with autism named Fraser went into the animal shelter with his mother, Denise Booth, one cat put his paws on him… and for everyone involved, the world changed. The family already had a cat named Toby, and Fraser, who didn’t show an interest in anything else, did seem drawn to Toby.… Learn More

curious kitten

Tips for working with local lawmakers on animal issues

What is the single biggest mistake animal advocates can make when trying to work with lawmakers on animal issues in their communities? Ryan Clinton, who helped make Austin, Texas the largest no-kill city in the U.S., says this: “It’s for advocates to go to their city hall, make a presentation, be roundly ignored, and conclude… Learn More

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