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Memphis shelter finds a stray pet’s family might be right ‘Nextdoor’

Director Alexis Pugh of Memphis Animal Services made plenty of changes when she took over the shelter last year. One of the biggest was implementing a safety net program designed to keep pets with their families, and get lost pets back home. Maddie’s Fund® spoke with Pugh to find out more about the shelter’s innovative… Learn More

#MaddieMonday: Upcoming Innovation Grants window, new grants for shelter cats, changing a shelter worker’s perspective on no-kill and more!

It’s time for another #MaddieMonday! You officially have one week until our next Innovation Grants application window opens… do you have your idea ready? Read on for more information, along with anything else you may have missed over the last week! The next Innovation Grants application window opens October 23rd! Applications will be accepted from… Learn More

Research: Why people adopt shelter pets, and recommend adoption to others

In 2014, the Shelter Pet Project, an Ad Council public service advertising campaign promoting pet adoption and funded by Maddie’s Fund® and the Humane Society of the United States, conducted a research survey of 1,402 people to understand how to increase the number of pets acquired from animal shelters and rescue organizations. What can we… Learn More

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