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L-R: Rich Avanzino, Ed Duvin, Lynda Foro

Remembering Lynda Foro, hero of the early No Kill movement

Lynda Foro, who in 1995 created the original No Kill Conference, passed away on December 27, 2016. Foro was an animal lover and not part of the humane movement when she first heard of the concept of “No Kill” in 1992. After visiting an animal sanctuary and educating herself on what was then only a… Learn More

One simple mistake to avoid when applying for a grant

Applying for a grant  can be overwhelming — so overwhelming some animal shelters or rescue organizations miss out on money for reasons that can easily be avoided. Like this one: During Maddie’s Fund’s last innovation grant application period, we had over 400 applicants, but awarded grants to only 67 recipients. The reason wasn’t lack of… Learn More

8 new animal welfare apprenticeship opportunities opening up!

The Maddie’s® Apprenticeship Program is helping you take your resolutions to the next level by kicking off the New Year with eight apprenticeship opportunities. The catch? You must apply before January 11! Do you want to defend the lives of feral and semi-feral cats by implementing a sustainable lifesaving program in your community? Or maybe… Learn More

Creating a culture of continuous improvement at your animal shelter

“How many people think an animal control officer would be capable of heading a no-kill initiative for a city?” That’s the question Vincent Medley, Executive Director of the Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia, posed to the audience during his session at the Best Friends 2016 Conference. While many found it hard to believe,… Learn More

Study: The effect of declawing on litter box use in multi-cat households

Problems related to urinating and defecating outside the litter box and living with more than one cat are among the top reasons people surrender cats to a shelter. Is that worse for cats who have been declawed? The average number of cats per cat-owning household is 2, indicating that multi-cat households are very common in… Learn More

Treating feline herpes: Getting it right

Feline herpesvirus is probably one of the most common causes of feline respiratory disease. How can animal shelters and rescue groups best treat it? In a recent study published in the August 2016 issue of American Journal of Veterinary Research, authors looked at the anti-viral drug famciclovir. Because of unique characteristics of the drug itself,… Learn More

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