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Quin'C gets an ice cream cone

#FeelGoodFriday: Dog with cancer learns he’s getting adopted

This spotted dog had a rough start on life, including an accident that left him injured on the streets. Fortunately, the Maple Woods Veterinary Technician program in Kansas City, MO, took him into their adoption program, where he got all the veterinary care and love he needed. Sadly, he turned out to have cancer with… Learn More

Foster cat playing

What foster day trips, social media and adoption holds have in common

What do foster day trips, social media and adoption holds have in common? They’re all topics being discussed right now in Maddie’s® Pet Forum, the place for 24/7 animal welfare conversation! Here’s what you’ve been missing if you haven’t joined yet: Foster day trips User Finn made available a Doggy Day Out toolkit for fellow… Learn More

One of the survivors of the outbreak

Foster care saves lives when strep zoo hits animal shelter

Streptococcus zooepidemicus, known more commonly as strep zoo, is one of the most fearful respiratory diseases that can strike a shelter dog. How did the dogs at the Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson, AZ, escape it? Thanks to the swift response of the shelter medicine team and loving foster homes! “This is a truly… Learn More

Screen shot of shelter dog with adopter; cartoon

#FeelGoodFriday: For a shelter dog, ‘life’s funny’

Few cartoonists are as beloved among animal lovers as Patrick McDonnell, the artist behind the comic strip, “MUTTS.” This heartwarming PSA for the Shelter Pet Project was animated from McDonnell’s work by award winning animator Paul Fierlinger. It’s narrated by a lovable pooch named Mike, who found himself in a couple of unexpected situations… including… Learn More

Cute kitten lays down on a book and play with her ball.

Help kittens shine with Kitten Kindergarten

What’s cuter than one kitten learning manners? Several kittens learning how to “touch,” “sit” and wear a harness with pride! After all, puppies have access to all sorts of classes, so why not kittens? By exposing kittens who are 16 weeks and younger to new experiences, they’ll be on their way to becoming confident and… Learn More

Rocco and his Dogventure pal!

Easy tip to get young adults to volunteer at your animal organization

If you wish your shelter or rescue organization had more young people involved as volunteers, fosters, and supporters, then it’s time to let the dogs out… on a day trip, that is! Barbara Hutcherson recently told us about a happy and unexpected benefit of the day trip and short-term fostering program at the Lost Dog… Learn More

Crazy cat person

#FeelGoodFriday: 10 signs you’re a crazy cat person

Do you have more photos of cats on your phone than people? Do you buy lint rollers in bulk? Do you have so many boxes lying around people might confuse your house for a recycling center? Congratulations! You’re probably a crazy cat person! That’s the scoop from Cat Man Chris, better known as the Dad… Learn More

Young woman working on her laptop in the park and her dog waiting to play with a ball

Get a jump on summer learning with Maddie’s University!

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy… and so is the learnin’ about saving animals’ lives. At least, that’s what happens when you spend your summer with Maddie’s® University, whether from your own air-conditioned home or office, a cabin in the mountains, or poolside. And it’s free! So what exactly is Maddie’s® University? “It’s an online learning… Learn More

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