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Animal welfare conversations are happening 24/7 at Maddie’s® Pet Forum

It happens to all of us in animal welfare: A problem arises, and for the life of you, you just can’t figure out a solution. Thanks to Maddie, help is here — and it’s free! “Maddie’s® Pet Forum is an exciting new virtual place where you can join with other shelter and rescue organization professionals… Learn More


#FeelGoodFriday: Little girl donates her birthday to animal shelter

So, here’s the thing: Kids are the future of animal welfare. And with kids like Olivia in the world, that future’s looking bright! The little girl decided all she wanted for her birthday was to help homeless animals. So she put out the word to her friends and family to bring pet toys, supplies, and… Learn More

Surprise adoption

#FeelGoodFriday: Parents fake kids out with stealth dog adoption

When it is okay to lie to your kids? When you tell them you’re going shopping but it’s really a stealth pet adoption! These parents told their three kids they were going Christmas shopping, but they actually had arranged to meet a foster dog who was out on a field trip with her foster mom.… Learn More

Cat with green eyes

How to increase cat adoptions, improve morale and save money

Looking for a way to increase lifesaving and reduce costs? You may want to consider permanently lowering adoption fees. That’s exactly what Maria M. Benham, the then-President and CEO of Dubuque Regional Humane Society in Iowa did. As you’ll learn in their Maddie Talk Reducing Cat Adoption Fees Can Save Lives AND Expenses, the results… Learn More

happy adoption

Study: Most adopters are happy with their new dogs and cats

While the pet adoption world is becoming more and more adopter-friendly, concerns about making sure the adoptions are successful still crop up fairly often. A just-published study conducted in an Australian shelter found that most adoptions are successful and most adopters are satisfied with their pet’s behavior, even when the newly-acquired pet was reported to… Learn More

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