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4 fundraising tips your animal organization needs to know

Pretend you don’t work for your animal organization, but just heard about it on Facebook. Maybe you read that there was an urgent need for funds to repair damage from a fire, or to buy a new spay/neuter van, or pay the ve1terinary expenses of an injured pet. Whatever the reason, click over to your… Learn More

#FeelGoodFriday: At Furkids, all of the cats are self-cleaning

You’ve probably seen it. We mean, unless you only recently got on the Internet, we know you’ve seen it. But it just wouldn’t be a #FeelGoodFriday if we didn’t share it again: the amazing cat adoption ad from those crazy folks at Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters in Atlanta! In this sparklingly funny twist on… Learn More

Lessons from a Maddie’s Kitten Nursery apprentice

What can you learn from kittens? For Kat Hamlin, cat adoption specialist for PetsConnect! in northern Indiana and southern Michigan, the answer is hands-on experience, lifesaving techniques and a new perspective. Her only complaint after attending Maddie’s® Kitten Lifesaving Apprenticeship Program at Humane Society Silicon Valley?  “I wish I could have stayed longer,” she said. The… Learn More

More jam-related marketing ideas for getting pets adopted

In the literature of persuasion, the act of buying jam turns out to have a lot to tell us about getting more pets adopted. We’ve written before about the so-called “paradox of choice,” and how research on jam sales as well as cat adoptions suggested that having fewer, rather than more, pets on the adoption… Learn More

Want to foster a hurricane pet? New website will find one who needs you

Looking for a way to help the animals affected by Hurricane Harvey? In response to the catastrophic Hurricane Harvey, worked around the clock this past Labor Day weekend to create the website Foster a Hurricane Pet to help match Hurricane Harvey pets in need with temporary foster homes. We hope you’ll help us spread… Learn More

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