Resources to help make pet adoptions more welcoming

The Open Arms Challenge begins next month on April 1st! Whether you’re participating in the Challenge or not (registration has closed) we’re highlighting a few resources that will help make adoptions more welcoming and inclusive for your community. Adopters Welcome: The Mind-Body Connection by Humane Society of the United States is an informative blog post… Learn More

How Napa Humane is offering dog training classes to keep people and pets together 

Broadening community services through accessible preventative programs is what Napa Humane is all about. Although the organization has been around for about 50 years, they no longer have a physical shelter or animals. So, what do they have? A spay/neuter and vaccine clinic, a mobile clinic, humane education programs and most recently, accessible dog training classes. … Learn More

Customer service course for animal shelters now available in Spanish

Providing excellent customer service at your animal shelter or rescue organization is a vital component of keeping pets and people together. The impact that customer service has on our communities is vast, and whether or not that service is great or poor, can affect your organization. “Customer Service for Animal Shelters” is now available in… Learn More

This Human Animal Support Services toolkit will help with remote customer service

Getting to the animal shelter for help isn’t always easy. Time, transportation or proximity to the shelter can be huge barriers. Throw in COVID-19 restrictions to the mix, and it could be nearly impossible to seek assistance. Which is why using this Human Animal Support Services Remote Customer Service toolkit can work to your organization’s… Learn More

What makes a great lost and found webpage for animal shelters?

When it comes to losing or finding an animal, there’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing how to get it home quickly. An animal shelter’s website is often the first place people search, so it’s important that yours provides the correct tips and information. So, what makes a great lost and found website (or page)… Learn More

Dr. Flowers with Vet Tech Amber holding a brown puppy in the car

#HassInAction: Bringing veterinary care to meet families where they are

One thing that has been reinforced during COVID-19, is how powerful the transformational love of a pet is, especially during tough times. Animal welfare organizations all across the nation are shifting to a more community-centric model of animal sheltering. LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta, GA, has focused on providing solutions to the community to help… Learn More

How to keep pets in homes and out of shelters

Often times, when a pet owner is looking to surrender their pet to a shelter or rescue organization, they are under stress. And most likely, it’s a problem they have been dealing with for a long time and they don’t feel they can solve it. In this new Maddie’s University course, Keeping Pets in Homes, you… Learn More

Defining ‘customer service’ in animal shelters and rescue groups

The phrase “customer service” doesn’t always roll off the tongue of people in animal adoption circles. The people we interact with are adopters, not customers, and the pets in our care aren’t a product or service, but living beings. Right? Of course that’s true. But it doesn’t mean we can’t serve pets better, and save… Learn More