Check out these helpful posts on Maddie’s Pet Forum

Spring has sprung and the activity is blooming on Maddie’s® Pet Forum! We rounded up several recent posts that you may find useful or may want to contribute to. Happy reading! Trap-neuter-return (TNR) kits One organization shares that they’re putting together “TNR Kits” for their TNR applicants. Has your organization tried this and had success or advice? Can… Learn More

Re-register now for Weekly Community Conversations!

The Weekly Community Conversations have become so popular that we have reached the maximum registrations allowed! Which means we need you to please re-register for the weekly Monday 11AM PT/2PM ET call now. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email from Zoom with the new link, which you can add to your calendar. These… Learn More

Research confirms the need for pet assistance for hospitalized patients

Emergency fostering is an important component of any foster program. This post originally ran in 2021.  Hospitalizations can be stressful for patients for a number of reasons. One reason that may not be so obvious? Care for their pets while they’re away from home. A recent survey was conducted at the University of Michigan Health on… Learn More

Check out the positive impact CARE’s Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion course has had on these organizations

Catch up on a recent Community Conversations call with Dr. Alina Luna, Dean of the Circle of Learning and Leadership, and Sheila Donya Kouhkan, Chief Engagement Officer, from Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity (CARE) for a panel discussion with animal well-being leaders across the country. They discussed their experiences with CARE’s Racial Equity, Diversity,… Learn More

Check out these hot posts on Maddie’s Pet Forum

Summer is hot and so is the activity on Maddie’s® Pet Forum! We rounded up several recent posts that you may find useful or may want to contribute to. Happy reading! Quick fundraising ideas Raffles for stunning handmade items, supply drive with a donation jar and t-shirt fundraisers are just a few of the examples… Learn More

Prison training programs using shelter dogs 

Prison training programs with shelter dogs can be transformative. Has your animal organization considered getting involved with a local prison training program but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’re just interested in learning more about what a program like this entails? The recording of the Community Conversation featuring a Prison Training Programs Discussion… Learn More

Fundraising resources for your animal organization

Fundraising is a crucial aspect for animal well-being (welfare) organizations to continue their mission of providing services for people and pets. Successful fundraisers bring in the necessary funds to cover the costs of medical care, food, shelter, and other essential needs. That’s why this month’s resource drive on Maddie’s® Pet Forum is all about fundraising!… Learn More

Resources to incorporate more welcoming practices at your animal organization

With the Open Arms Challenge kicking off next month, the Maddie’s® Pet Forum resource drive for March is focused on welcoming practices. We know that making changes to your organization’s existing practices can sometimes be challenging, so the goal with this resource drive is to share and learn from others who have made changes or… Learn More

My Dog is My Home conference image

Register now for My Dog is My Home’s Co-sheltering Virtual Conference

My Dog is My Home (MDIMH) is back with their annual C0-sheltering Conference, taking place virtually on March 21-23, 2023. Maddie’s Fund® is proud to sponsor this unique conference focused on how co-sheltering people and animals together fits into the wider struggle for a more just society. During the conference, you’ll hear inspirational stories of how… Learn More

Community Partnership Resources for your animal organization

When animal services agencies connect with other organizations, both benefit to better support people and pets where they live. Creating relationships with human and environmental organizations that may not traditionally help animals offers a more holistic approach to care. That’s why the February Maddie’s® Pet Forum resource drive is focused on community partnerships!   How to… Learn More

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