Fundraising resources for your animal organization

Fundraising is a crucial aspect for animal well-being (welfare) organizations to continue their mission of providing services for people and pets. Successful fundraisers bring in the necessary funds to cover the costs of medical care, food, shelter, and other essential needs. That’s why this month’s resource drive on Maddie’s® Pet Forum is all about fundraising!… Learn More

Resources to incorporate more welcoming practices at your animal organization

With the Open Arms Challenge kicking off next month, the Maddie’s® Pet Forum resource drive for March is focused on welcoming practices. We know that making changes to your organization’s existing practices can sometimes be challenging, so the goal with this resource drive is to share and learn from others who have made changes or… Learn More

My Dog is My Home conference image

Register now for My Dog is My Home’s Co-sheltering Virtual Conference

My Dog is My Home (MDIMH) is back with their annual C0-sheltering Conference, taking place virtually on March 21-23, 2023. Maddie’s Fund® is proud to sponsor this unique conference focused on how co-sheltering people and animals together fits into the wider struggle for a more just society. During the conference, you’ll hear inspirational stories of how… Learn More

Community Partnership Resources for your animal organization

When animal services agencies connect with other organizations, both benefit to better support people and pets where they live. Creating relationships with human and environmental organizations that may not traditionally help animals offers a more holistic approach to care. That’s why the February Maddie’s® Pet Forum resource drive is focused on community partnerships!   How to… Learn More

Support more pets and people in your community with this toolkit

One of the main goals of Human Animal Support Services (HASS) is to help keep pets with their people, even during tough times. And since some of the most common reasons animals are surrendered to shelters include issues with housing, lack of access to affordable veterinary care, and the need for behavioral support, HASS has… Learn More

How these Open Arms Challenge winners improved their community engagement

Community engagement is a key part of becoming a more welcoming and inclusive animal organization. As we prepare for the 2023 Open Arms Challenge (Registration ends January 30th!), we’re sharing some of the stories from the winners of the last Open Arms Challenge in 2022. From reaching new groups of people and providing resources to… Learn More

Are you using yet?

Have you heard of It’s a curated database of free or low cost pet support services provided by Human Animal Support Services. Users can select their preferred language and search by specific services like veterinary care, pet food pantries and temporary pet care. They can also choose from categories, browse local programs and more.… Learn More

Start community partnerships with this toolkit

To address the root causes that lead to many animal well-being issues, we need to look beyond shelter walls, (literally and figuratively) and connect with the community at large. This means partnering with food pantries, youth organizations, domestic violence shelters, and more. The Community Partnerships Toolkit from Human Animal Support Services will help you establish… Learn More

What people like most about Maddie’s Pet Forum

Are you part of Maddie’s® Pet Forum yet? Or are you a member but haven’t logged on in a while? Either way, we hope you’re taking full advantage of this free resource to for the animal well-being field. During our most recent user-survey, we asked people what they like most about Maddie’s® Pet Forum. Below… Learn More

#BeAHelper, a new PSA campaign focused on keeping pets and people together

Maddie’s Fund®, together with The Ad Council and The Humane Society of the United States have launched a new campaign, “Pets and People Together,” a fully integrated public service announcement (PSA) campaign, to inspire pet lovers everywhere to #BeAHelper. Ninety-seven percent of pet owners consider their pet to be family. At any given time, anyone may… Learn More

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