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Maddie’s Externships and Internships will help build your shelter medicine skills

Looking to build your shelter medicine skills with practical experience? Consider one of our Externships or Internships! Wondering which one may be right for you? “Externships take place over a short period of time with the opportunity to work side by side in your chosen field,” explained Lisa Ward, Co-Director of Education at Maddie’s Fund®.… Learn More

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Go crazy for long-stay pets with our #GetEmHomeChallenge!

Is there a better feeling in the world than one of your shelter’s long-stay animals finding a home? How about the feeling of receiving a grant? What if you could do both? You can, and in this free Maddie’s Fund® webcast, you’ll find out how! We want to see you push your creativity to the… Learn More

Will we see you at the 2018 Best Friends National Conference next month?

We hope to see you at the 2018 Best Friends National Conference from July 19 – 21 in Los Angeles! Not registered yet? Head over to the Best Friends website and find out more. We hope you’ll join us for the Maddie Experience at the Save Them All Networking Hub, #ThanksToMaddie. You’ll be able to learn more about… Learn More

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Get a jump on summer learning with Maddie’s University!

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy… and so is the learnin’ about saving animals’ lives. At least, that’s what happens when you spend your summer with Maddie’s® University, whether from your own air-conditioned home or office, a cabin in the mountains, or poolside. And it’s free! So what exactly is Maddie’s® University? “It’s an online learning… Learn More

Animal welfare conversations are happening 24/7 at Maddie’s® Pet Forum

It happens to all of us in animal welfare: A problem arises, and for the life of you, you just can’t figure out a solution. Thanks to Maddie, help is here — and it’s free! “Maddie’s® Pet Forum is an exciting new virtual place where you can join with other shelter and rescue organization professionals… Learn More


Happy Birthday to the little dog who started it all!

Yes, there was a real Maddie. She was a little dog born on April 26 many years ago. Today we celebrate her birthday. Maddie was part of Dave and Cheryl Duffield’s family for 10 years, and they founded Maddie’s Fund® to honor their sweet yet feisty and spirited dog. It’s the fulfillment of a promise… Learn More

Happy Birthday, Maddie!

Animal lovers: Celebrate Maddie’s birthday with us on Thursday!

This Thursday, April 26, we’ll be celebrating the little dog who started a revolution… because it’s our beloved Maddie’s birthday! Will you join us? We don’t have to tell you the impact Maddie has made – and continues to make – is profound. In addition to inspiring the creation of Maddie’s Fund®, some of the #ThanksToMaddie… Learn More

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In Kansas City next month, lifesaving will be unstoppable!

If you’ll be at HSUS Animal Care Expo in May, you’ll be one of the first to see the official launch of two exciting new Maddie’s Fund® programs! First, we have Maddie’s® Pet Forum, an exciting place to collaborate with other shelters, rescue organizations and researchers. It’s an easy way to share information, resources and… Learn More

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It’s time to play (Foster) Family Feud!

Have you ever dreamed of going on Family Feud? You’d definitely hit that buzzer first. Surely you would have all the answers.  And the Fast Money round? Game over! Well, now’s your chance to live out your game show fantasies with our own special edition of Family Feud — “Keeping it All in the Foster… Learn More

It must be magic: Minimizing disease outbreaks in animal shelters

It’s Dungeons and Dragons meets Harry Potter Chess in an engaging and hands-on session on how to prepare and what to do when the unexpected breaks out in your animal shelter! It’s happening at the Humane Society Animal Care Expo in May, when we present “Become a Wizard of Wellness, Find the Magic to Minimizing… Learn More

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