Research study: Foster care has an impact on dogs’ welfare and adoption

This post was originally published in 2019. We are republishing today as foster care is as important as ever.  Button had been at the Kansas City Pet Project for about a month, and he wasn’t doing well. He was displaying alarming signs of kennel stress, including pacing, spinning, vocalizing and jumping up and down over… Learn More

Learn more about open adoptions with these Maddie’s University courses

This blog post originally ran in early 2020. With the Open Arms Challenge starting in November, we wanted to give you a little head start.  We’ve put together two brand new courses on Maddie’s University® — Dog Adoptions: Eliminating Roadblocks to Positive Outcomes and Open Cat Adoptions: Keep Them Moving, Get Them Home. We suggest taking them both, even… Learn More

How a rehoming program can help reduce intake at your animal shelter

Over the past several months, the animal welfare industry has joined together to collaborate about reimagining the future of sheltering. This new vision focuses on animal shelters and rescue organizations transforming into resource centers to support their communities. Organizations across the nation have been pivoting to find ways to keep more pets and people together… Learn More

How to make virtual adoptions work for your organization

Perhaps your organization has already embraced virtual adoptions or are still deciding if you want to go that route. We’ve rounded up some resources to help guide you as you navigate the new world of Zoom adoptions. First, the boring stuff. Get your ducks in a row with shelter and scheduling software, electronic document signing,… Learn More

Maddie's Fund 25th anniversary

Then and Now: Austin, Texas

As our 25th anniversary celebration continues, we’re looking back “then and now” style at some of the grants we’ve given over the years, and the amazing impact they’ve had on their communities since then. We’re continuing the stories with Austin, Texas. When it comes to astonishing progress in saving shelter pets, Austin, TX, stands out… Learn More

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