Animal shelters, register for this free volunteer program assessment!

Want to learn how you can make your volunteer program(s) even better? The folks behind the Volunteer Program Assessment are offering their amazing service to shelters at no cost! But hurry, applicants will be considered on a first come, first served basis. The process for the Volunteer Program Assessment (or VPA) is simple: a consultant… Learn More

View all the Open Arms Challenges Huddles in one place

Today marks the last of the Open Arms Challenge Huddles! We hope you were able to join us! We are very excited to kick off the Challenge in just a couple of weeks! That said, even if you are not participating in the Challenge, you surely can benefit from our inspirational speakers. With speakers from… Learn More

Connect with other animal shelter professionals and volunteers every Monday morning!

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, animal shelter workers, volunteers and animal welfare leaders from across the country have been meeting every Monday morning at 7am PT/10am ET to discuss protocols, ideas, obstacles they’re facing and more.   Led by Kristen Hassen-Auerbach, Director of Pima Animal Care in Tucson, AZ, these calls have provided an opportunity for… Learn More

Maddie’s Shelter Compass is like hiring an extra employee

Ever feel like you have too much to do and don’t know where to start? Whether it’s cleaning out your closet or saving the lives of more pets, we can relate. Often times we end up not starting a task because we simply don’t have the time to figure out a plan.  While we can’t organize your closet for you, we can help… Learn More

The ultimate low-cost shelter enrichment program resource

Looking to start or expand a low-cost shelter enrichment program for dogs? We have the resource for you! In case you missed this valuable post on Maddie’s Pet Forum – one of our Innovation grantees, Far Side Journey, used their grant to develop the Boredom Buster Program, a low-cost shelter enrichment program for dogs. They piloted the… Learn More

JHS summer camp

Middle schoolers create videos to inspire pet adoption

The next generation of animal welfare professionals is already getting started. The kids at the Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) summer camp sure are a talented and compassionate bunch. Every week, they were tasked with coming up with a video on the topic of their choice. “The kids love being creative and working as a team… Learn More

Woman holding small cute kittens

The heat is on with these hot topics in Maddie’s Pet Forum! 

It’s raining kittens, the temperature is up, but we got you covered!   If you didn’t already know, Maddie’s® Pet Forum is a great place to exchange ideas, ask for help and share resources. We wanted to take a moment and spotlight a few recent posts. Head on over to these posts to learn something new… Learn More

Attend a Maddie’s Apprenticeship right now from the comfort of your own home

Have you ever wanted to sign up for Maddie’s® Apprenticeship Program but missed the deadline? Or don’t feel like you can skip town for several days? Or want to attend a program immediately? Now, you can attend an apprenticeship remotely and at your own pace over at Maddie’s® University. And, it’s free. We have four courses… Learn More

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