Research study: Foster care has an impact on dogs’ welfare and adoption

This post was originally published in 2019. We are republishing today as foster care is as important as ever.  Button had been at the Kansas City Pet Project for about a month, and he wasn’t doing well. He was displaying alarming signs of kennel stress, including pacing, spinning, vocalizing and jumping up and down over… Learn More

Enter your Shelter Animals Count 2020 data now!

We are more than halfway done with January, so you know what that means. It’s time to enter your Shelter Animals Count (SAC) 2020 data! Enter your January – December 2020 data now and enter to win part of $20,000 in grants for your participation. The deadline to enter your data and qualify for a… Learn More

Don’t forget to report your monthly data to Shelter Animals Count

Have you submitted your monthly shelter data to Shelter Animals Count (SAC) yet? This is your friendly reminder to do so!  Submitting your data on a monthly basis allows for the most relevant data collection that gives our field insight on where our movement is headed. If your animal shelter has been submitting your data… Learn More

Free Shelterluv tool for animal welfare organizations to elevate field services data

Free Shelterluv tool to take your field services data to the next level 

As animal sheltering becomes more community-centric, organizations across the nation are expanding their efforts to keep people and pets together not only inside the shelter walls, but outside the shelter walls, too. Until now, we’ve known the different points of care happening outside of the shelter walls have been effective, but not always easy to… Learn More

foster cat

Can good science debunk the hype about outdoor cats and toxoplasmosis?

A flurry of media articles broke out last year, associating cat ownership and exposure to human mental health problems including schizophrenia, and attributed it to cats as carriers of toxoplasma gondii, a parasitic protozoan. Was the hype justified? No, writes Best Friends Animal Society’s Peter Wolf on Vox Felina, citing an article about a paper… Learn More

How to bust myths about community cats with science

Ever feel incredibly frustrated at the picture anti-cat advocates are trying to paint of cats? So is Peter Wolf, and he’s dedicated his life to doing something about it. He first created a blog called Vox Felina, where he methodically deconstructs misleading media narratives and bad science. He’s now added the position of Cat Initiatives… Learn More

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