January 3, 2019
Categories: Collaboration, Using Data and Statistics
gray and white kitten

How many states are no-kill? One, and it’s Maine, according to data shared by Best Friends Animal Society. 

With an interactive map created by Best Friends, you can see how close or how far a community and state is on its way to becoming no-kill. Data can be sorted by state and on a more local level, in addition to a national view. Best Friends has a goal of becoming a no-kill nation by 2025.

For a community to be considered no-kill, “all of its brick and mortar shelters located in the same jurisdiction must aggregate at 90% Save Rate or higher for dogs and cats together, and the municipal shelter providing service to a community must also be independently at a 90% or greater Save Rate,” says Best Friends.

So far, 2,000 (5%) U.S. communities are considered no-kill, out of 34,000.

Data was collected from Shelter Animals Count (self-reported), public websites, government-provided data and voluntary data submissions. An explanation for how the data was calculated may be found here.

Take a look and see how your community is doing.

Screen shot Best Friends 2025
Screen shot of no-kill map by Best Friends Animal Society