How your animal organization can better connect with the community it supports

Connecting with your community is more important than ever.  Which is why we are republishing this blog from 2022 with the now former Executive Director of Plainfield Area Humane Society, Elijah Brice-Middleton.  Looking for ways to better connect with your community? Whether you’re looking to diversify your staff/volunteers, share information about the programs and support… Learn More helps animal welfare organizations deepen community connections

HeARTs Speak and Maddie’s Fund® are excited to announce the launch of, a free stock image library created for animal well-being (welfare) organizations aimed at increasing inclusivity and providing a welcoming environment for all community members. The project’s launch earlier this month was made possible by a two-year $84,700 grant to HeARTs Speak from… Learn More

Fundraising resources for your animal organization

Fundraising is a crucial aspect for animal well-being (welfare) organizations to continue their mission of providing services for people and pets. Successful fundraisers bring in the necessary funds to cover the costs of medical care, food, shelter, and other essential needs. That’s why this month’s resource drive on Maddie’s® Pet Forum is all about fundraising!… Learn More

6 guidelines for marketing your foster pet

This post originally ran in 2018. We are republishing it today because foster marketing is as relevant as ever!  Thanks to social media, foster caregivers from around the country are realizing the power they have to get pets adopted through marketing. Photographs, video, text and other materials created in foster care are especially valuable in… Learn More

A free editorial calendar template for your animal organization’s marketing efforts

Does your animal well-being organization use an editorial calendar to strategize and organize its marketing efforts? If not, or if you want some inspiration for your current plan, be sure to check out this toolkit from HeARTs Speak and Human Animal Support Services. Throughout the past year, the organizations have created a series of communications kits to help you… Learn More

Holiday promotion ideas for your animal organization

With the fall season in full swing and winter right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what promotions or marketing campaigns your organization will try out to engage your community, find fosters/adopters, keep pets in homes, and raise funds around the holiday season. That’s why the final resource drive of 2022 on… Learn More

#BeAHelper, a new PSA campaign focused on keeping pets and people together

Maddie’s Fund®, together with The Ad Council and The Humane Society of the United States have launched a new campaign, “Pets and People Together,” a fully integrated public service announcement (PSA) campaign, to inspire pet lovers everywhere to #BeAHelper. Ninety-seven percent of pet owners consider their pet to be family. At any given time, anyone may… Learn More

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