June 27, 2023
Categories: Marketing, PR, and Social Media

HeARTs Speak and Maddie’s Fund® are excited to announce the launch of PetsandPeoplePhotos.org, a free stock image library created for animal well-being (welfare) organizations aimed at increasing inclusivity and providing a welcoming environment for all community members.

The project’s launch earlier this month was made possible by a two-year $84,700 grant to HeARTs Speak from Maddie’s Fund, a national family foundation established by Dave and Cheryl Duffield to revolutionize the status and well-being of companion animals. HeARTs Speak is a national nonprofit dedicated to amplifying the critical work of animal shelters and rescues through art and creative marketing. For PetsAndPeoplePhotos.org they worked with five photographers and 35 community members and their pets from across the country to capture the connection and love between people and pets.

“Thanks to Maddie, animal well-being organizations will be able to access images that reflect the diversity and richness of their community, helping to ensure that more people can see themselves and the bond with their pets authentically and accurately represented,” says Lisa Prince Fishler, Executive Director of HeARTs Speak. “Our greatest hope is that those photos can be used to open the community with welcome arms, and in doing so help change the lives of more pets and the people who love them.”

“Our goal with this grant for a  free photo library is to increase belonging and help animal organizations create stronger community connections, a more welcoming environment, and impactful marketing by reflecting the diversity of the pet-loving community,” says Amy Zeifang, Executive Leadership Team, Maddie’s Fund. “We hope that this project will inspire additional funders to contribute to this project as well.”

In the first year of this project, nearly 600 pictures capture the bond between pets and their people. The library will continue growing in the coming years, partnering with additional photographers and community members to add more elements of diverse communities and regions.

Since the launch of the website earlier this month, around 2,000 visitors have registered accounts and there have been over 500 images downloaded. “We really believe this is the future of marketing for animal well-being organizations,” says Caitlin Quinn, HeARTs Speak’s Director of Operations. “Centering the relationship between people and pets helps to build a meaningful connection with the community, which in turn builds trust and signals the intention to be a welcoming resource for all.”

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