The Foster Express Challenge is chugging along!

Have you been following #FosterExpressChallenge on social media? We’re just over two weeks into the challenge and we’re so excited by the stories and posts we’ve seen from both organizations and foster caregivers! From snuggling by the fire to having fun with some kiddos and happy adoption stories, here are just few to help inspire… Learn More

Spreading the #FalalaFoster cheer is a job for everyone

This blog post was originally published in November 2016. We are thrilled that more and more organizations have continued to try short-term fostering! Looking to give back in a meaningful way this holiday season, while bringing some magic into your heart and home? You’re in luck, because ’tis the season to #FalalaFoster, even for first-timers!… Learn More

little girl hugging dog and looks forward

After huge success with Thanksgiving dog fostering, Ohio animal shelter is ready to do it again for Christmas and New Year!

This post originally ran on December 13, 2017. With Thanksgiving just around the corner and other holidays to follow, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to reshare what Humane Society of Delaware County (HSDC) in Ohio learned about short-term fostering.  What do you do when your shelter offers short-term “holiday” dog-fostering over Thanksgiving, and nearly… Learn More

Communicating urgency without negativity in emergency fostering

Emergency foster care initiatives can be a game-changer when an organization or one of its partners is in crisis. Quickly sending pets to foster homes at these crucial times can save lives, but the messaging can be tricky. Emergency foster pleas need to be urgent enough to motivate the community to act, but too much… Learn More

No pets, no kids, no problem! Why your harder-to-place pets don’t need to languish in the shelter

Being completely transparent with potential adopters about pets’ history and behavior is critical. However, telling all of pets’ flaws in the pet’s adoption marketing often leads to long shelter stays because certain phrases act as “stop signs,” even for the perfect potential adopter. To keep this from happening, we’re sharing targeted techniques for separating marketing… Learn More

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