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Want a silent night at your animal shelter this season? Try holiday fostering!

Organizations across the country are getting dogs out of the shelter and into homes for the holidays through foster care. Holiday foster initiatives are usually short, from overnight to several days. Inviting the public to participate and keeping the commitment short makes it easy for community members join in (and many fosters opt to keep… Learn More

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How foster field trips saved a dog named Kathy

Is there anything you haven’t tried to save your long-stay dogs who are getting kennel-stressed? Read Kathy’s story and see if what helped her will work for your dogs, too. As Kathy’s stay at Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS) crept beyond 80 days, multiple signs of kennel stress began to appear: jumping, frantic barking at… Learn More

One of Cole and Marmalade's foster kittens

#FeelGoodFriday: Cole and Marmalade have foster kittens!

There’s no question that fostering orphaned kittens is a good deed. But in addition to the warm feeling of a job well done, there’s one more reward you’ll get if you bring some of these little fur balls into your home for a while. You’ll get to be with kittens. That’s what Internet-famous adopted kitties… Learn More

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Go crazy for long-stay pets with our #GetEmHomeChallenge!

Is there a better feeling in the world than one of your shelter’s long-stay animals finding a home? How about the feeling of receiving a grant? What if you could do both? You can, and in this free Maddie’s Fund® webcast, you’ll find out how! We want to see you push your creativity to the… Learn More

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How to clean and disinfect pet foster homes

Your foster caregivers provide a warm and safe place for their foster pets, but do they know how to properly clean and disinfect their homes? This is especially important when there is a sick foster in the house. Everything from how to clean, why, when and supplies needed are discussed in this 17-minute Flash Class,… Learn More


Innovative foster care for the win with Innovation Grants!

We can’t get ready for the next round of Innovation Grants without giving big congratulations to the grantees from last round, can we? Of course not! So, please join us in congratulating the 116 Innovation Grant recipients from April 2018! “The category was Innovative Foster Care, and we were thrilled to see so many organizations… Learn More

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How one animal organization uses Trello for dog foster management

Austin Pets Alive! was putting in a lot of work each day to let its foster dog network know about its pups that need temporary homes. The rescue organization would send out daily foster pleas to roughly 2,000 recipients. With 300 to 400 dogs needing foster care at any given time, the group was sending 12… Learn More

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What foster day trips, social media and adoption holds have in common

What do foster day trips, social media and adoption holds have in common? They’re all topics being discussed right now in Maddie’s® Pet Forum, the place for 24/7 animal welfare conversation! Here’s what you’ve been missing if you haven’t joined yet: Foster day trips User Finn made available a Doggy Day Out toolkit for fellow… Learn More

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