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6 tips for using foster care as a lifeline during animal shelter crises

Along with reduced-fee adoption events, emergency foster care is becoming the go-to answer for nearly every crisis an animal shelter can have, including natural disasters, outbreaks of contagious illness, population surges and building renovations. Emergency foster care enables shelters to greatly increase their capacity for care for a short period of time, taking strain off… Learn More

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Cat Town shares how to create a safe space for your foster cat

Did you know that when bringing your new foster cat home, you should generally avoid leaving them in laundry rooms or kitchens? That’s one of the many tips shared by Cat Town in their new Flash Class, Bringing Your Foster Cat Home. “Cats are super sensitive to change, so you want to think about where… Learn More

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How shelters can overcome obstacles to dog field trips and save more lives

Chesapeake Animal Services is one of a string of organizations that have invited the public to take their dogs on field trips…and emptied their dog kennels in the process! It may look easy, but all of these organizations had obstacles to overcome before their programs could be this successful. Luckily, they’re willing to share what… Learn More

Expand or start a pet foster program with our new foster care resources page!

Have you been thinking of starting your own pet foster program and not sure where to begin? Or maybe you’re wondering how to expand the one you currently have? Either way, we’ve got you covered with our new Foster Care Resources page!   We recently gathered some of the best foster program resources to help your organization. Now you can save more… Learn More

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The heat is on with these hot topics in Maddie’s Pet Forum! 

It’s raining kittens, the temperature is up, but we got you covered!   If you didn’t already know, Maddie’s® Pet Forum is a great place to exchange ideas, ask for help and share resources. We wanted to take a moment and spotlight a few recent posts. Head on over to these posts to learn something new… Learn More

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Jacksonville Humane Society wants you to steal their winning plan for long stay pets

The deck appeared to be stacked against 15-year-old Freckles, who had been awaiting adoption for several months. “Freckles had some hair loss and a fairly appropriate ‘cattitude’ for a lady of her age,” says Lindsay Layendecker, Jacksonville Humane Society’s (JHS) Senior Manager of Education and Outreach.  “Her age, look and behavior made finding her a… Learn More

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5 marketing strategies to take your shelter dog field trip program to the next level

Dozens of animal shelters and rescue organizations across the country are launching field trip programs as part of a groundbreaking nationwide study of foster care. By making it easy for their communities to participate and using innovative marketing strategies, multiple organizations have sent so many dogs on field trips that they’ve cleared their adoption floors… Learn More

Be prepared for kitten season with these resources

Kitten season has already arrived for some of you, so we wanted to put some of our best kitten resources all in one place. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back again and again. Fostering and Socializing Unsocial Kittens Flash Class This step-by-step Flash Class will tell you everything you need… Learn More

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