#MaddieMonday: Nashville Humane Association’s power failure experience, a free assessment tool for foster programs and more!

Apply for our new ONLINE apprenticeship! Is your shelter or rescue looking to save the lives of more adult dogs? Then the Maddie’s® Short-term Foster and Field Trips Online Apprenticeship is for you! Applicants must apply by Wednesday, September 11th. Learn More How Nashville Humane Association turned a power failure into a win for their… Learn More

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#MaddieMonday: Apprenticeship application window now open, ensuring transparency and more!

Apply for a Maddie’s® Apprenticeship today! The application window is open now through August 23rd. Learn More Yes, you can ensure transparency while keeping marketing and adoption counseling separate The following post is written by Kelly Duer, Maddie’s Fund® Foster Care Specialist, and Kristen Hassen-Auerbach, Director of Animal Services at Pima Animal Control Center in… Learn More

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#MaddieMonday: Creating a community culture that values fostering, successful short-term foster programs and more!

Foster Friday everyday! Creating a community culture that values pet fostering If you’re interested in growing your animal shelter or rescue organization’s foster program, creating a community culture that values fostering is critical.  One of the easiest ways to begin doing this is to bring foster care into the conversation as much as possible in… Learn More

#MaddieMonday: Using foster care as a lifeline during crises, then and now story and more!

6 tips for using foster care as a lifeline during animal shelter crises Along with reduced-fee adoption events, emergency foster care is becoming the go-to answer for nearly every crisis an animal shelter can have, including natural disasters, outbreaks of contagious illness, population surges and building renovations. Emergency foster care enables shelters to greatly increase… Learn More

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