Kitten season is here and we’ve got help

While we may not be able to provide you with an extra set of hands to bottle feed, we do have plenty resources to help with kitten season. From a brand new kitten marketing toolkit from HeARTs Speak to foster recruitment to kitten care and more, we hope these will help your organization manage the… Learn More

little girl hugging dog and looks forward

After huge success with Thanksgiving dog fostering, Ohio animal shelter is ready to do it again for Christmas and New Year!

This post originally ran on December 13, 2017. With Thanksgiving just around the corner and other holidays to follow, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to reshare what Humane Society of Delaware County (HSDC) in Ohio learned about short-term fostering.  What do you do when your shelter offers short-term “holiday” dog-fostering over Thanksgiving, and nearly… Learn More

Cat with green eyes

Study: 95% of adopters with FeLV cats have a positive experience

American Pets Alive! (APA!) is currently conducting a study on FeLV adopter satisfaction. Officially titled “Feline Leukemia Virus Cats in a Shelter Setting: Effectiveness and Outcome,” APA! is looking at what happens with these cats long-term and how fosters and adopters feel about them. While the study is not yet complete (it’s slated to end… Learn More


#FeelGoodFriday: Who knew taming a feral kitten could be this cute?

The question isn’t, can feral kittens be tamed. The question is, how will you ever get anything done ever again instead of watching this video over and over and over? Meet Pistachio, a feral kitten with some seriously cute whiskers who came into his foster home dirty and, frankly, pretty annoyed. With some TLC, patience,… Learn More

Man and dog

How a Heroes and Hounds program can help your long-stay dogs get adopted

Did you know that having veterans work with long-stay shelter dogs is a win-win for both veterans and the dogs? That’s exactly what Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley (HSTV) discovered when they launched their Heroes and Hounds program, pairing veterans with at-risk dogs who need a little special attention to get ready for adoption.… Learn More

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