Dr. Lila Miller Shelter Medicine Day is July 10!

July 10 is Dr. Lila Miller Shelter Medicine Day. Dr. Miller is known for her trailblazing leadership and purposeful dedication to the field of veterinary shelter medicine. If you are one of the millions of people that have adopted a dog or cat over the last three decades, you have Dr. Miller to thank. Dr.… Learn More

Balancing medical and behavioral well-being in shelter animals

Want to learn why strategies to support shelter animal well-being involve all of us, and all sheltering roles? And why the welfare of shelter animals requires a holistic approach to their well-being? Be sure to watch the on-demand recording of the session, “Balancing Medical & Behavioral Well-Being in Shelter Animals.” In the presentation, you’ll recognize… Learn More

Watch the Behavior Track from the 2022 Shelter Medicine Conference

The 2022 ASPCA® Cornell Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Conference features lectures on a variety of critical and engaging topics. The Behavior Track, specifically, is now available on Maddie’s® University! You’ll learn about what the science says about behavior assessments in shelters, a trauma-informed approach to behavioral care, review case studies, the effects of short-term foster care and… Learn More

Dr. Flowers with Vet Tech Amber holding a brown puppy in the car

#HassInAction: Bringing veterinary care to meet families where they are

One thing that has been reinforced during COVID-19, is how powerful the transformational love of a pet is, especially during tough times. Animal welfare organizations all across the nation are shifting to a more community-centric model of animal sheltering. LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta, GA, has focused on providing solutions to the community to help… Learn More

What is the difference between telehealth, telemedicine, teletriage, etc.?

The following blog post is written by Dr. Michael (Mike) Greenberg, DVM, Director of Outreach Programs, Maddie’s Fund®. In the world of telehealth, there are a lot of terms that sound similar, but they’re not synonymous. Understanding the differences between these terms is key to understanding the field, particularly as it relates to the legal… Learn More

Should you separate, isolate or quarantine a pet that has been exposed to COVID-19?

There has been a lot of confusion around what precautions to take for pets who may have been exposed to COVID-19. Currently, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) doesn’t have evidence that companion animals, including pets, can spread COVID-19. So, do you isolate, quarantine or separate a pet that has been in a house with the virus?  For now, separation… Learn More

NACA releases guidelines for spay/neuter and cat intake amid COVID-19 pandemic

The National Animal Care & Control Association (NACA) has released several statements and protocol recommendations for animal shelters amid the COVID-19 pandemic.   We’d like to bring attention to their recommendations for releasing unaltered pets from animal shelters and cat intake protocol, and we strongly encourage shelters to adhere to them.   The U.S. Surgeon General has… Learn More

Sick shelter cat

How to keep cat medical costs down in a shelter

Saving your shelter money starts from the moment the cat steps inside the shelter, says Monica Frenden, Director of Feline Lifesaving at American Pets Alive! Spend a couple of extra minutes giving them a quality intake exam and then move them to adoptions immediately (or wherever they are going). A quality intake exam includes weight check, FVRCP, microchip and… Learn More


Adoption Center opens at Austin Pets Alive! for cats and kittens with ringworm, #ThanksToMaddie

Austin Pets Alive! recently celebrated the grand opening of their new Maddie’s® Cat Adoption Center, a facility dedicated to the treatment, care and adoption of cats with ringworm. To kick off the celebration, they held a Ringworm Kitty Homecoming Carnival and invited the public. Supporters were given tours of the facility, played carnival games, had festive food and drink and could even get their faces painted.    Austin Pets Alive! believes the lives of pets… Learn More

Study: Ridding your home of ringworm is possible with a little bit of elbow grease

If you’re concerned about homes being a potential breeding ground of fungi after housing a ringworm cat, worry no longer.   Using data from a 10-year period, Karen Moriello identified 70 foster family homes where Microsporum canis infected cats had lived for different periods of time. (Microsporum canis is the fungi that is responsible for almost all ringworm infections.)   Using over-the-counter household detergents, a… Learn More

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