August 27, 2020
Categories: Shelter Medicine, Customer Service, Pet Retention
Dr. Flowers with Vet Tech Amber holding a brown puppy in the car

One thing that has been reinforced during COVID-19, is how powerful the transformational love of a pet is, especially during tough times. Animal welfare organizations all across the nation are shifting to a more community-centric model of animal sheltering. LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta, GA, has focused on providing solutions to the community to help both pets and their people.  

With the community stepping up to foster and adopt their shelter animals, shelters have fewer animals in their care than previously. “This has opened up a lot of opportunities for us to work with our animals individually, as well as focus on new ways to help the animals in our community,” says Heather Friedmann, Chief Marketing Officer at LifeLine Animal Project.  

One opportunity that LifeLine saw was to help provide veterinary care by bringing it into the community. They focused specifically on clients who don’t have access to care, whether it be due to lack of transportation, funds or both. The team helped identify clients, and then the Shelter Medicine team at their Fulton County Animal Services location went out to visit them. 

It was a success! The team was able to provide veterinary care to ten different families in just one afternoon. “Pets like WB who had double ear infections, and his owner James relies on public transportation that won’t allow him on the bus to go to the veterinarian for treatment. We were able to help Stacy, whose dog had just had puppies and needed care. Our clients were so thrilled to have a veterinarian come take care of their pets!” 

LifeLine Animal Project is focused on providing solutions to the community to help pets and their people, exemplifying the Human Animal Support Services (HASS) model. They believe that everyone, no matter their socioeconomic status, should have the opportunity to know the love of a pet if they choose to do so.  

Want to learn more about HASS? Be sure to check out their website to find out how you can get involved!