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Congratulations to over 100 Innovation Grant recipients!

It’s safe to say there’s no shortage of innovation in the animal welfare industry, as over 100 organizations across the country received an Innovation Grant during the October 2018 cycle. “People have really embraced this idea of thinking outside-the-box to save lives, and it’s showing on their applications!” said Kelly Clardy, Senior Grants Specialist at… Learn More

911 dispatch foster dog

#FeelGoodFriday: 911 dispatch center gets a foster dog

How do you help out stressed workers and get a dog adopted at the same time? By fostering a dog in the workplace! That’s exactly what 911 dispatchers in Franklin, IN, are doing. And according to FOX59, their important work has already gotten their new co-worker, Lincoln, adopted! Lincoln, a 6-year-old shepherd pointer mix has… Learn More

DIY dog toy

#FeelGoodFriday: Use recycled t-shirts for these easy dog toys

The show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” has inspired many people to figure out which of their belongings “spark joy” for them. Those that don’t, are discarded. Thrift stores have seen an increase in donations, which some have attributed to the “tidying up” craze. Your animal shelter or rescue organization can capitalize on this trend… Learn More

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Lifesaving ingredients for the next Innovation Grants cycle

What happens when our upcoming Innovation Grants cycle falls right after the American Pets Alive! (AmPA!) No Kill Conference? A fun twist to the Maddie’s Fund® Innovation Grant application categories! As a sponsor of the conference, we were recently introduced to the American Pets Alive! Recipe for Lifesaving: The 12 Ingredients Required to Reach >… Learn More

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How and when to weigh your foster pets

Weighing your foster pets, no matter their age and weight, is a crucial part of being a foster caregiver. It’s even more important if your pet is young, underweight or trying to gain weight. In this 10-minute informative Flash Class, you’ll learn four different ways you can weigh your foster pets and when you should… Learn More

#FeelGoodFriday: Paralyzed kitten is independent and sassy

Marlena Kiely was scrolling through Instagram when she came across a tiny black kitten who didn’t have use of her black legs. Kiely, a cat foster caregiver, decided to pick her up from animal control and take her immediately to a veterinarian. After examining Raven, the veterinarian concluded that she was fully paralyzed, and she… Learn More

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Animal organizations, what do you hope to achieve in 2019?

The New Year is a good time celebrate your accomplishments from the previous year and set goals for the future. We asked the community over on Maddie’s® Pet Forum (MPF)  what their goals are for 2019. Head on over to share your own or provide guidance on how to achieve said goal. We’ve rounded up… Learn More

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#MaddieMonday: Maddie’s Summer Scholar researches why neonatal kittens suckle, how an apprenticeship helped avert crisis and more!

Happy #MaddieMonday! Start your week off by catching up on posts and updates from the past week. Maddie’s® Summer Scholar researches why neonatal kittens suckle on littermates If you’re familiar with neonatal kitten litters, you know that suckling is a common issue, and even leads to serious health problems. So why does it happen and… Learn More

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#FeelGoodFriday: Just dogs being magnificent

Many of you may be familiar with the WeRateDogs Twitter account. For those who aren’t, it’s one of the purest places left on the Internet. Cute and silly photos of dogs are posted, along with a caption and a rating. That rating is always over 10. Always. This is Sophie. She forgot to check the… Learn More

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