Dr. Kwane Stewart: “Kindness is a super power”

Dr. Kwane Stewart, veterinarian and co-founder of Project Street Vet recently spoke at the Weekly Community Conversations call. You’ll be inspired as he talks about his journey from private practice veterinarian, to contemplating leaving shelter medicine behind to walking the streets solo, helping the pets of the unhoused. After about 10 years at a private… Learn More

Register now for Maddie’s Insights: 5 Domains of Animal Care

Join Dr. Kat Littlewood for the “Five Domains of Animal Care.” The Five Domains Model is a holistic and structured framework for gathering together well-being indicators and assessing animal well-being. Maddie’s Fund® Director of Outreach and Research, Sheila Segurson, DVM, DACVB will host this 60-minute webcast on Thursday, May 11 at 12:00PM PT/ 3:00PM ET.… Learn More

Using science to improve human-animal bonds and well-being

Join Monique Udell, Ph. D., CAAB on Thursday, April 13 at 12:00PM PT/3:00PM ET for “Becoming a Secure Base: Using science to improve human-animal bonds and welfare,” the latest offering in the Maddie’s® Insights webcast series. Many people feel that they have shared a strong bond with a dog, and there is growing scientific evidence… Learn More

March Community Conversations are all about being open and inclusive!

With the Open Arms Challenge a little over a month away, now is the time to prepare. In addition to the dozens of resources available on the website, we have FOUR barrier busting centric Community Conversations during the month of March! Even if you are not participating in the Challenge, your organization can still benefit… Learn More

The January Weekly Community Conversations grant giveaway winners are…

On Monday, Maddie’s Fund® gave four organizations a $2,500 grant for attending the January Weekly Community Conversations! A total of $10,000 in grants was given to four people chosen at random. These four people won a grant for their organization: Kyle O’Neill, AniMeals, (Missoula, MT) Cecilia Oliveros​, Animal Friends (Pittsburgh, PA) Vickie Ramirez​, One Health… Learn More

Please take our National Foster Survey!

Maddie’s Fund® is looking to collect accurate information about foster programs at shelters and rescue organizations based in the United States. If this sounds familiar to you, that’s because we conducted this same survey several years ago. Our goal is to learn what has changed since then. You will be asked to provide information about… Learn More

Animal Care Expo is coming in April!

The Humane Society of the United States Animal Care Expo 2023 will be in New Orleans, Louisiana, April 3-6! The annual conference will have nearly 100 sessions, with a select number being live-streamed this year. If you’re making the trip to Louisiana this year, you won’t want to miss the following sessions, sponsored by Maddie’s… Learn More

Registration for the Open Arms Challenge is now open!

Looking for new ways to support your entire community AND have a chance at $420,000 in available grants? Twenty-three national organizations have come together to invite you to join the 2023 Open Arms Challenge! For the month of April 2023, animal shelters, foster-based organizations, and public charities focused on keeping pets and people together are… Learn More

Join 23 national organizations for the Open Arms Challenge!

Get ready for the Open Arms Challenge! This Challenge is all about opening our hearts and minds to more accessible and inclusive practices. Twenty-three national organizations are joining forces to encourage animal shelters and foster-based organizations to pilot new approaches that welcome your entire community during the month of April. And as if increased inclusivity and community… Learn More

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