Announcing the No Place Like Home Challenge winners!

The No Place Like Home Challenge is completed and to say we are thrilled with the results would be an understatement.   Return to Home programs are incredibly important. By focusing on reunions in the field, families are reunited in a matter of minutes or hours and never have to step foot inside a shelter. By making return… Learn More

How to properly clean and disinfect in the shelter

Cleaning isn’t the may not be the most exciting topic, but it’s extremely important! You’ll learn loads from Dr. Chumkee Aziz in Cleaning and Disinfection in the Shelter, in this 2018 ASPCA-Maddie’s® Cornell Shelter Medicine Conference presentation.    In this informative talk, Dr. Aziz stresses that cleaning and disinfecting is a two-step process, with cleaning being the most important. A little… Learn More

This Human Animal Support Services toolkit will help you get more lost pets home

Our No Place Like Home Challenge may be over, but our initiative to reunite pets with their families will forever continue. And with lost pets making up the majority of intake at most animal shelters, we highly encourage reviewing the Lost Pet Reunification Toolkit from Human Animal Support Services.  This toolkit is just one of the TWELVE… Learn More

Ariel Zhang is no longer staying silent

In the latest Maddie’s® Candid Conversation, Ariel Zhang, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Animal Foundation, touched on a myriad of topics, including the uptick of violence and discrimination against Asian Americans over the course of the pandemic and being a “model minority.” In this short clip below, hear Zhang discuss these two important subjects.… Learn More

Stars matter: Online reputation management for animal shelters

This is a guest post written by Jessica Schleder, the founder and CEO of Adoptimize.  Call me a snob, but you probably won’t find me dining at a restaurant that has a rating of fewer than 4.2 stars on Google. And, I certainly wouldn’t take my dog to this vet: I’m not alone: only 48%… Learn More

How animal shelters can support survivors of domestic violence

This is a guest post written by Colleen Parker and Danielle Emery of Urban Resource Institute People and Animals Living Safely (URI PALS). This is part two of a series on building a culture of safety at your animal welfare organization.  You can read part one from last week.  The complicated nature of domestic violence cannot… Learn More

Take this NEW survey for another chance to win $500 for your animal shelter

No, you’re not living Groundhog Day. Promise. You may remember that we reached out last month to survey your organization, and we’re back for more! In this NEW survey, we’d like to hear more about your organization’s programs that help keep pets and families together, support your community and provide resources in new and exciting ways.… Learn More

Learn to speak cat and get continuing education credits, too!

What does it mean when a cat flicks her tail around? Or starts making biscuits on your leg? What about airplane ears?  You’ll learn all this and more in How to Speak Cat, our feline communications online course. And now as an added bonus, the course has been approved for 2.00 hours of Certified Animal Welfare Administrator continuing… Learn More

Register now for Animal Care Expo!

Humane Society of the United State’s Animal Care Expo is virtual once again this year and we hope to see you there! With 40 development sessions, you are bound to walk away with new perspectives, ideas and inspiration. What’s more, all sessions will be available on-demand after the conference. From April 21 through April 23,… Learn More

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