How this Open Arms Challenge Grand Prize winner took inclusivity to the next level

Open Arms Challenge Grand Prize winner, Companion Animal Alliance (CAA), is no stranger to progressive policies. The open-intake shelter in Baton Rouge, LA, prides itself on being a welcoming and understanding place. It frequently waives return-to-owner fees in order to keep pets with their people, provide free pet food for those who need it and… Learn More

Does your animal organization need holiday promotions ideas? We’ve got you!

Last year, our Holiday Promotions Resource Drive on Maddie’s® Pet Forum was so successful, we decided to run it again this year! There were such great ideas shared like the 12 Strays of Christmas,  No Kill Colorado’s “Home for the Holidays” campaign,  Lending Paws a Hand’s, “Small Business Saturday” promotion,  TinynTall Rescue’s “Virtual Bingo” fundraiser, a “Foster First” adoption promotion and so… Learn More

How your animal organization can better connect with the community it supports

Connecting with your community is more important than ever.  Which is why we are republishing this blog from 2022 with the now former Executive Director of Plainfield Area Humane Society, Elijah Brice-Middleton.  Looking for ways to better connect with your community? Whether you’re looking to diversify your staff/volunteers, share information about the programs and support… Learn More

Inspire your community to #BeAHelper with these charming PSAs

Last year, Maddie’s Fund®, The Ad Council and The Humane Society of the United States launched, “Pets and People Together,” a fully integrated public service announcement (PSA) campaign, to inspire pet lovers everywhere to #BeAHelper. Ninety-seven percent of pet owners consider their pet to be family. At any given time, anyone may experience a crisis… Learn More

Learn strategies for challenging ableism in companion animal welfare

Join Professor Katja M. Guenther on Thursday, November 9, 2023 at 12:00PM PT/3:00PM ET for the latest Maddie’s® Insights installment, Strategies for Challenging Ableism in Companion Animal Welfare. Many animal shelters and rescues unwittingly perpetuate ableism through their engagements with disabled animals, even when they are trying to help these animals. In this session, we will explore… Learn More

Maddie’s Insights: Examining the relationship between BIPOC communities and their pets

Join Catherine Kisavi-Atatah Ph.D. on October 12, 2023 at 12:00PM PT/3:00PM ET for Examining the Relationship between BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, And People of Color) Communities and Their Companion Animals. In the latest Maddie’s® Insights installment, Dr. Kisavi-Atatah will share the findings of her study of the same name. This study explored the relationship between BIPOC (Black,… Learn More

Attract more volunteers with help from Maddie’s Pet Forum

Caring for and improving the lives of our pets often goes hand in hand with the challenge of finding and retaining volunteers. From volunteer shortages post-COVID-19 to the struggle of standing out in your community, the Maddie’s® Pet Forum Attracting Volunteers thread can help you. Earlier this year, Jim Wieszczyk from A Second Chance Animal Shelter sought… Learn More

How one foster-based organization is implementing a low-barrier foster program

Lowering barriers is a key element to attracting and keeping foster caregivers. Kelly Duer, Senior Community Solutions Specialist, here at Maddie’s Fund® spoke with Becky Costner, Executive Director of Let Love Live, a foster-based rescue organization in Wadena, Minnesota, to ask her about their low-barrier foster program. Using a “Fosters Welcome” approach is a big… Learn More

Take this short survey on finding homes for “behavior dogs”

On Wednesday, March 20, 2024, Maddie’s Fund® will be hosting a half-day summit that will focus on finding homes for behavior dogs (more information to come!) In the meantime, we are looking for further input about topics in order to develop the most beneficial agenda for the day. (Please note that when we say ‘behavior… Learn More

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