What to do if you lose or find a pet

Did you know that what we don’t know about lost pets can hurt them? It’s true! We recently updated one of the most popular articles on our site about this very topic. Kat Albrecht-Thiessen, the article author is a former police officer, field training officer, police detective, and K9 (police bloodhounds and cadaver dogs) trainer turned… Learn More

Zack skow and dog

Don’t miss why Zach Skow says not to judge a book by its cover

Can you believe we’re just about one month away from the HSUS Animal Care Expo in New Orleans? As you start to peruse the sessions and create your schedule, be sure you mark your calendar to attend the Welcome Session on Monday, April 15 from 4pm – 5:30pm. Here you’ll get to watch keynote speaker… Learn More

Managed admission: Giving shelter cats their best chance at a great outcome

On Tuesday, April 14, 2015, at 9 PM Eastern Time, two shelter leaders who have had great success in managed admission approaches, Barbara Carr, Executive Director of the SPCA Serving Erie County, NY, and Kathie Johnson, Senior Operations Manager of the Animal Humane Society in Minneapolis, MN, will join Maddie’s Institute to share what they’ve learned, including what’s worked and what hasn’t.