May 11, 2021
Categories: Admissions

Did you know that what we don’t know about lost pets can hurt them? It’s true! We recently updated one of the most popular articles on our site about this very topic. Kat Albrecht-Thiessen, the article author is a former police officer, field training officer, police detective, and K9 (police bloodhounds and cadaver dogs) trainer turned pet detective. In this very in-depth article, she covers everything you need to know from how lost pets behave, where to look, resources to utilize and more.

In the article, Albrecht-Thiessen states, “Lost pets not found by their guardians are a major contributing factor to the homeless, feral, shelter, and stray pet populations. Until recently, guardians were on their own with minimal advice and no hands-on assistance to help them recover a lost pet. Knowing what to do in the first 24 hours is critical and can mean the difference between a successful reunion or a permanent separation.”

She continues, “When a guardian first discovers that their companion animal is missing, there are several things that should be done that will increase the chances of a successful recovery. In this article we will examine five key principles to consider, how human and animal behaviors affect lost pets, and specific steps guardians can take to recover a lost pet.”

Read the article to view the five key principles, along with a plethora of additional information to help get pets home safely! Feel free to bookmark it and share it with your community, too.