What you may not know about heartworm in dogs and cats

It’s Heartworm Awareness Month. Do you know as much as you think you do about heartworm disease in dogs and cats? Feline Heartworm Infection: The big surprise! Yes, we said cats. While only 5 percent of cats are on heartworm preventive, the American Heartworm Society reports┬árates of diagnosed heartworm infections in cats are on the… Learn More

What animal shelters need to know about canine parvovirus

Want to learn more about prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of canine parvovirus in shelters and foster homes? Want to share training information with your staff or volunteers? Well, you’re in the right place.

Enrichment and stress reduction for cats

Stress is a leading cause of disease and behavior problems in shelter cats. That’s why Maddie’s Institute has designed a learning track on stress reduction for cats in sheltering environments.

Everything you need to know about titer testing

The use of antibody titer testing to determine immune status for pets has grown enormously in recent years, but shelter veterinary staff, private practice veterinarians, and pet owners still have questions.

NEW! Learning tracks for sheltering education

The more you know about saving lives, the more lives you can save! That’s why Maddie’s Institute is dedicated to advancing your organization’s ongoing education with learning tracks.