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The top 10 Chew On This blog posts from 2019

Our most popular Chew on This blog posts in 2019 covered a myriad of topics. They span everything from tips to get long-stay pets adopted, free online courses, to cat cafes and of course, foster care! We hope these posts give you the inspiration and information you need to increase lifesaving at your organization.  Whether… Learn More


Adoption Center opens at Austin Pets Alive! for cats and kittens with ringworm, #ThanksToMaddie

Austin Pets Alive! recently celebrated the grand opening of their new Maddie’s® Cat Adoption Center, a facility dedicated to the treatment, care and adoption of cats with ringworm. To kick off the celebration, they held a Ringworm Kitty Homecoming Carnival and invited the public. Supporters were given tours of the facility, played carnival games, had festive food and drink and could even get their faces painted.    Austin Pets Alive! believes the lives of pets… Learn More

Maddie’s Pet Forum’s most popular resources of 2019 were…

If you were one of the 4,247 people that joined Maddie’s® Pet Forum in 2019, then you know what an amazing resource it is. And if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?! And shout-out to California for being the most active state on the forum! Three resources stood out from the crowd and were… Learn More

happy dog

These holiday #FosterExpressChallenge stories will make your heart smile!

As we, at Maddie’s Fund®, reflect on this past year and the #FosterExpressChallenge, we can’t help but smile. As a field, we’ve come a long way. Just a few short years ago, holiday fostering was rare and non-existent at many places. Now, it’s taking the country by storm! We’re so proud of the work you… Learn More

Wishing joy to all animal lovers this holiday season!

Maddie’s Fund is headquartered in California, and we confess that our office doesn’t really see a lot of snowfall. Still, there’s nothing like the spirit of Maddie to get us into the holiday mood! We hope the unconditional love of the animals in your lives — your family pets, your fosters, the animals in your… Learn More

Maddie's Fund Happy Holidays

#MaddieMonday: Happy holidays, a special apprenticeship opportunity and more!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Maddie’s® Fund! We hope you had a wonderful year and look forward to all of the lifesaving that 2020 will bring, thanks to you and #ThanksToMaddie. Special Apprenticeship Opportunity! Apply by January 7th Want to create a robust foster program designed to empower volunteers and fosters to find… Learn More

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