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White cat standing with raised paw looking up.

Clicker training can reduce stress for cats in animal shelters

When shelter staff and volunteers talk about clicker training for cats, it’s mostly as a way to get the kitties to put their best paw forward for adopters. But what if it can be something more — even a tool to fight suffering and disease? That was the theory of researchers at Colorado State and North… Learn More

One of Cole and Marmalade's foster kittens

#MaddieMonday: Conference scholarships, cats and classical music, apprenticeship opportunities and more!

It’s #MaddieMonday and a jam-packed one at that! Read on for the headlines, and don’t forget that apprenticeship applications are due by this Friday, August 17. Apply for Maddie’s® Apprenticeship Program today! Applications are being accepted August 8 – 17, 2018 for 15 apprenticeships! Learn more NACA Training Conference Scholarships, #ThanksToMaddie! Maddie’s Fund® is sponsoring… Learn More

kitten with head tilt

#FeelGoodFriday: Drive too fast, foster some kittens.

Which would make your Friday feel better: A speeding ticket, or a kitten? That’s the premise of this cute PSA from the Brevard County, FL, Sheriff’s Office, promoting their foster program for orphaned kittens. A woman was going a little over the speed limit, and an officer pulled her over. He made her an offer… Learn More

Dog and woman on a car ride

Maddie’s Externships and Internships will help build your shelter medicine skills

Looking to build your shelter medicine skills with practical experience? Consider one of our Externships or Internships! Wondering which one may be right for you? “Externships take place over a short period of time with the opportunity to work side by side in your chosen field,” explained Lisa Ward, Co-Director of Education at Maddie’s Fund®.… Learn More

cat at piano

Should you invite a string quartet to your spay/neuter clinic?

Cats, it turns out, really like classical music. And when veterinarians played Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings (Opus 11)” while cats were being spayed, the feline patients were less stressed out than when listening to other types of music, or no music at all. In what might be unwelcome news for rock fans, the cats… Learn More

man kissing dog

How Maddie’s Pet Assistant can help with owner return prevention

What if you could support your pet adopters and help prevent returns without having to put in a lot of extra effort or spend any money? Maddie’s Pet Assistant (MPA), a tool that helps you provide support to adopters and foster caregivers, might be exactly what you need. What’s more, it comes at no cost… Learn More

two cats looking at each other

Can something in the air treat fights between cats in the same family?

What if you could sprinkle magic fairy dust to reduce fighting between cats in a family? That would certainly help keep cats in their homes, and encourage people to adopt multiple cats, so we wish we could tell you magic anti-cat fight fairy dust was a thing. What we can tell you is there’s something… Learn More

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