Catch-up with the No Place Like Home Challenge huddles on Maddie’s Pet Forum

We are halfway through the eight, great Return to Home (RTH) huddles! If you’ve been unable to attend all of them or simply want to connect with other Challenge participants, head on over to Maddie’s® Pet Forum. Our kickoff huddle focused on organizations embracing the culture of Return to Home. There, one of our panelists, Ed… Learn More

Why these Pet Foster Stimulus Grant recipients implemented a foster to adopt program 

When some of our Pet Foster Stimulus Grant recipients saw how many foster families ended up adopting their foster pets, it sparked them to consider a concept they hadn’t previously considered – a foster to adopt program.   “We typically just wanted to adopt straight out of the shelter,” said Kelly Mitchell, Senior Director at Mountain Humane in Hailey,… Learn More

No challenge was too big for this Pet Foster Stimulus Grant recipient in New Jersey

When Covid-19 hit Plainfield Area Humane Society (PAHS) in Plainfield, NJ, their animal shelter population was higher than usual. They had 70 additional dogs and cats on top of their normal population, due to a hoarding case.   Thankfully when they put out the call to their community, they experienced an increase in both foster caregivers and adoptions.… Learn More

How Kent County Animal Shelter transformed their animal welfare organization

How one Pet Foster Stimulus Grant recipient took the opportunity to transform their animal welfare organization, #ThanksToMaddie 

Prior to COVID-19, Kent County Animal Shelter in Grand Rapids, MI, didn’t have a foster program in place, so when they received the pet foster stimulus grant, they went from 0 fosters to 100 (literally). They implemented their foster program in no time, including behavior dogs with specific needs.   Namiko Ota-Noveskey, Program Supervisor, shared that… Learn More

Congratulations to over 200 Pet Foster Care Stimulus Grant recipients!

When we put out the call for the Pet Foster Care Stimulus Grant applications, we never thought we would receive over 1,000 inquiries! You have embraced foster care like never before, and for that we are grateful. A silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic is that pets are spending more time in foster homes than… Learn More

Foster express challenge

The Foster Express Challenge champions are here! 

The Foster Express Challenge has officially reached its destination, and we’re thrilled with the outcome of the this journey! Before we get to the 19 grant recipients, it should go without saying that all 132 participating organizations are true champions, with over 8,000 animals going out on field trips across the United States. It may sound a little cheesy, but as Foster Express Challenge… Learn More

The ultimate low-cost shelter enrichment program resource

Looking to start or expand a low-cost shelter enrichment program for dogs? We have the resource for you! In case you missed this valuable post on Maddie’s Pet Forum – one of our Innovation grantees, Far Side Journey, used their grant to develop the Boredom Buster Program, a low-cost shelter enrichment program for dogs. They piloted the… Learn More

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