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Maddie's Fund 25th anniversary

Then and Now: Austin, Texas

As our 25th anniversary celebration continues, we’re looking back “then and now” style at some of the grants we’ve given over the years, and the amazing impact they’ve had on their communities since then. We’re continuing the stories with Austin, Texas. When it comes to astonishing progress in saving shelter pets, Austin, TX, stands out… Learn More

Kitten on cat condo

#MaddieMonday: Apply for a Maddie’s Apprenticeship Program, nationwide fostering study and more!

Apply today! Maddie’s® Apprenticeship Program application deadline is November 22, 2019. Maddie’s® Apprenticeship Program is an exciting opportunity for shelters and rescue organizations to share ideas and strategies to improve lifesaving. Through a blended learning experience, both direct hands-on and online, organizations looking to improve their practices will benefit from the wisdom shared by well… Learn More

Tomorrow is the last day to register for the Foster Express Challenge! 

If you’re looking for a way to make the holiday season a little more magical and increase your lifesaving, the Foster Express Challenge is for you!  The Foster Express Challenge is designed to help shelters get more animals out of the shelter during the hectic holiday season, get them more exposure, as well as attract new foster caregivers. Did… Learn More

Nationwide Fostering Study

Seeking animal shelters for nationwide fostering study

Does your shelter have a great field trip program? Are you ready for the next step? Arizona State University (ASU) & Virginia Tech (VT) are currently enrolling shelters that want to implement a sleepover program for science in their Nationwide Fostering Study! Shelters that participate in this study will receive free apprenticeship training from Maddie’s Fund®… Learn More

#MaddieMonday: All aboard The Foster Express Challenge, apprenticeship application updates and more!

All aboard The Foster Express Challenge!  Expedite your lifesaving this holiday season with short-term foster care. We will be awarding $55,000 in grants to shelters across the United States! Registration closes Friday, November 8th.  Learn More UPDATE: The application window for Maddie’s® Apprenticeship Program opens on November 11th (not today)!  Maddie’s® Apprenticeship Program is an… Learn More

Study: Ridding your home of ringworm is possible with a little bit of elbow grease

If you’re concerned about homes being a potential breeding ground of fungi after housing a ringworm cat, worry no longer.   Using data from a 10-year period, Karen Moriello identified 70 foster family homes where Microsporum canis infected cats had lived for different periods of time. (Microsporum canis is the fungi that is responsible for almost all ringworm infections.)   Using over-the-counter household detergents, a… Learn More

Communicating urgency without negativity in emergency fostering

Emergency foster care initiatives can be a game-changer when an organization or one of its partners is in crisis. Quickly sending pets to foster homes at these crucial times can save lives, but the messaging can be tricky. Emergency foster pleas need to be urgent enough to motivate the community to act, but too much… Learn More

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