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Innovative solutions and ideas for pet fostering, adoption, shelter medicine, tips on sharing your life with adopted pets, stories about how pets make our lives better and happier - can you think of anything better to chew on?

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One of Cole and Marmalade's foster kittens

#FeelGoodFriday: Cole and Marmalade have foster kittens!

There’s no question that fostering orphaned kittens is a good deed. But in addition to the warm feeling of a job well done, there’s one more reward you’ll get if you bring some of these little fur balls into your home for a while. You’ll get to be with kittens. That’s what Internet-famous adopted kitties… Learn More

cat laptop computer

Go crazy for long-stay pets with our #GetEmHomeChallenge!

Is there a better feeling in the world than one of your shelter’s long-stay animals finding a home? How about the feeling of receiving a grant? What if you could do both? You can, and in this free Maddie’s Fund® webcast, you’ll find out how! We want to see you push your creativity to the… Learn More

West Highland White Terrier

An adoption fee tweak that lets animal shelters help more pets

What if you could reduce the time animals have to wait to find a forever home, while increasing adoptions and seeing your adoption revenue go up? This positive turn of events has been playing out this year at San Jose Animal Care Center (SJACC)– and the center says a newly-implemented strategy called “variable pricing” is largely… Learn More

Sgt Karl Bailey

#FeelGoodFriday: The little animal shelter that could

When Sgt. Karl Bailey of the Seagoville, TX, police department was asked to take over the city’s animal shelter, he balked at first. He’d been a police officer for 22 years; what did he know about animal sheltering? Nothing, that’s what. But he finally agreed to do it under two conditions: It had to become… Learn More

Cat helping with laundry

How to clean and disinfect pet foster homes

Your foster caregivers provide a warm and safe place for their foster pets, but do they know how to properly clean and disinfect their homes? This is especially important when there is a sick foster in the house. Everything from how to clean, why, when and supplies needed are discussed in this 17-minute Flash Class,… Learn More

Seizure alert dog

#FeelGoodFriday: Major league pet adoption PSA

So, do you want to have goosebumps to get your weekend off to a good start? Don’t worry, we don’t plan to scare you. We’re just going to show you this beautiful PSA about a major league baseball player, a shelter dog who could detect his adopter’s seizures and ended up saving her life, and… Learn More

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