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Study: To get pets adopted, focus on the present, not the past

In honor of Maddie’s Fund® 25th anniversary, we are taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting some early blog posts that we think are still relevant today. This post originally ran on December 11, 2012.  Are your adoption listings full of information about a pet’s past? Do you focus on the sad story of… Learn More

kitten on computer

Strategic planning resources for your animal welfare organization

Ready to take your strategic planning to the next level? In case you missed it, all 56 presentation recordings from the 2019 American Pets Alive! Conference are now available on-demand. Of these 56 presentations, 13 are focused on Strategizing (find them under Strategizing Track). This includes everything from building team resilience to fundraising fundamentals. See… Learn More

#FeelFoodFriday: Cats on leashes give dogs a run for their money

You’ve probably seen the photos and videos of cats on leashes that are just not having it. But the felines in this Jackson Galaxy video are leash-walking pros. The swagger of these cats is something to marvel at. Extra credit goes to the cat that goes for a swim with her dog pal like it’s… Learn More

JHS summer camp

Middle schoolers create videos to inspire pet adoption

The next generation of animal welfare professionals is already getting started. The kids at the Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) summer camp sure are a talented and compassionate bunch. Every week, they were tasked with coming up with a video on the topic of their choice. “The kids love being creative and working as a team… Learn More

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The heat is on with these hot topics in Maddie’s Pet Forum! 

It’s raining kittens, the temperature is up, but we got you covered!   If you didn’t already know, Maddie’s® Pet Forum is a great place to exchange ideas, ask for help and share resources. We wanted to take a moment and spotlight a few recent posts. Head on over to these posts to learn something new… Learn More

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#FeelGoodFriday: Just clips of cute senior dogs!

We love adoptions of all dogs and cats. But there is something extra sweet about a senior dog or cat adoption. Maybe it’s their kind eyes, graying muzzle or serene dispositions, but we are saps for seniors. The Dodo put together a video of senior dogs in their forever homes. These sweet ladies and gentlemen… Learn More

$55,000 in grants given away at Animal Care Expo, #ThanksToMaddie!

If you were at Humane Society of the United States Animal Care Expo conference last month, we hope you stopped by our booth to say hi, grabbed some fun giveaways and even tried your luck at winning a grant or two (or three, for some people!) This was the first year we played Plinko and… Learn More

Attend one of our 12 animal welfare apprenticeships to improve lifesaving

Have you attended an apprenticeship yet? Our Maddie’s® Apprenticeship Program application window is now open and it’s an excellent opportunity for shelter and rescue organizations to improve lifesaving! You’ll learn from some of the best in the industry. Don’t just take our word for it though. We asked former apprentices about their experiences. Adopting out… Learn More

Cat yoga

#MaddieMonday: Creative fundraising ideas, a winning plan for long stay pets and more!

Jacksonville Humane Society wants you to steal their winning plan for long stay pets The deck appeared to be stacked against 15-year-old Freckles, who had been awaiting adoption for several months. “Freckles had some hair loss and a fairly appropriate ‘cattitude’ for a lady of her age,” says Lindsay Layendecker, Jacksonville Humane Society’s (JHS) Senior… Learn More

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