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lost stray dog

A fresh look at microchipping can improve lifesaving

A new study suggests an increased focus on microchipping by shelters and veterinarians may make a lifesaving difference for stray pets. In a study published in the current issue of the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, researchers found that in Israel, animal shelters have a return-to-owner (RTO) rate for dogs of 67%, while the U.S. shelters… Learn More


A trading post for shelter pet-helping ideas

Ever wish there was a place you could go to share your dog or cat wisdom with others? Or maybe you have an issue at your shelter or rescue organization and you’d like advice from someone who has been there before? Maddie’s® Pet Forum is an excellent resource for organizations looking for encouragement and guidance.… Learn More

girl with dog

The 4th annual #PetFriday is almost here! Celebrate with us

It’s hard to believe we’re approaching the Fourth Annual #PetFriday! We can hardly wait; can you? For those who might not know, #PetFriday is what we renamed Black Friday, or the day after Thanksgiving. We took a page out of REI’s #OptOutside campaign, and instead of heading out into the chaos of shopping malls and… Learn More

chicago police cat

#FeelGoodFriday: There’s a new sheriff in town

We all know that police departments have K-9 officers, but why should dogs get all the glory? That’s no longer the case at one Chicago precinct. Gizmo the cat recently became part of the department’s community outreach program. The 8-year-old was living on easy street with his police family, but now he has a job… Learn More

Help your foster pets find adopters with our new marketing guide!

Brand-new foster caregiver Rachel Jones had her work cut out for her when she took her first dog home from the Ventura County Animal Shelter. A depressed, senior pit bull-type dog, Louie, had been awaiting adoption for a year and a half. “He slept for two days and then woke up the happiest ham who… Learn More

Smart dog

Now accepting applications for seventeen animal welfare apprenticeships!

‘Tis the season for giving, so we’re giving you seventeen apprenticeship opportunities! Maddie’s® Apprenticeship Program is accepting applications now through November 19th. Whether you want to improve your knowledge and skills in fostering, operations, medical care, operations or lifesaving in general – we have something for you. Current opportunities span across the country from Sherwood,… Learn More

cat laptop computer

#MaddieMonday: Apprenticeship window is open, conference discounts and more!

Happy #MaddieMonday! We have apprenticeships, conference discounts and more! Why animal welfare organizations should fail fast and often, leverage volunteers and make data driven decisions When it comes to running an animal welfare organization, it’s important to have “the right people in the right seats on the bus.” Those are wise words from Carol Novello,… Learn More

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