April 18, 2019
Categories: Caring for Special Populations of Animals
Cat with green eyes

American Pets Alive! (APA!) is currently conducting a study on FeLV adopter satisfaction. Officially titled “Feline Leukemia Virus Cats in a Shelter Setting: Effectiveness and Outcome,” APA! is looking at what happens with these cats long-term and how fosters and adopters feel about them.

While the study is not yet complete (it’s slated to end April 30, 2019), we are very encouraged by the results thus far.

95% of adopters have had a positive experience, with 74% indicating a very positive experience. In addition, 95% also said that the overall impact the adoption has had on their life has been positive (84% indicated very positive!)

Monica Frenden, Maddie’s Director of Feline Lifesaving at American Pets Alive! put together this useful infographic, which is based on the responses of 88 FeLV+ adopters. “Compared to our control cats, our FeLV adopters have a higher attachment rate to their cats, are happier with their APA! adoption experience and are more happy with their cat on a daily basis,” said Frenden.

We are very heartened to see that 77% of adopters had never adopted a cat with FeLV before and when asked if they would adopt a FeLV cat again, 73% said they were very likely.

Much like FIV+ cats, the stigma appears to be shifting, with just a simple conversation about what it means to have a FeLV cat.

View the infographic and be sure to check back for the full results!