December 8, 2020
Categories: Using Data and Statistics

Have you submitted your monthly shelter data to Shelter Animals Count (SAC) yet? This is your friendly reminder to do so! 

Submitting your data on a monthly basis allows for the most relevant data collection that gives our field insight on where our movement is headed. If your animal shelter has been submitting your data monthly since 2019, your data is included in some of the graphics and data dashboards made by SAC. 

Additionally, SAC releases monthly impact reports with data from more than 1,300 animal welfare organizations who reported their data monthly from 2019-2020. These impact reports allow for direct comparison of year over year data for numbers related to intake, transfers, intake types, owner relinquishment, organization type, outcomes and more. 

We encourage you to take a look at the monthly data being released, and to click on your state (under “geographic”). It’s nice to see the progress being made!