Ever feel like you have too much to do and don’t know where to start? Whether it’s cleaning out your closet or saving the lives of more pets, we can relateOften times we end up not starting a task because we simply don’t have the time to figure out a plan. 

While we can’t organize your closet for you, we can help you with increasing pet lifesaving!  

Maddie’s® Shelter Compass (MSC) is a free tool that will help you achieve your goals. Launched this past spring, the tool asks four simple questions before presenting you with a personalized roadmap that will get you on your way to saving more lives 

But don’t take our word for it. We asked an early adopter of MSC, Alexis Pugh, Director of Memphis Animal Services, for her thoughts on the web-based tool. Her shelter is currently using MSC to build goals for their leadership team.  

 “I know that Maddie’s® Shelter Compass will be key to our continued climb to no kill,” she said. 

It’s easy and it’s specific to your shelter
Finding spare minutes to research and implement new programs is something beyond what most people can manage, and that is why Maddie’s Shelter Compass is such a wonderful tool for shelters to try. First off it’s free; secondly, it provides you a customized roadmap to success using your shelter’s individual data rather than averages or generalities. 

It’s like adding an extra s employee, but for free
Its like adding another staff member to your team who is an expert at data analysis, project management, research, procedure writing and accountability tracking. 

 It’s smart
“It has built in project management and research tools that allow you to assign tasks, provide team members useful documents without them having to dig around online, and track the completion of these projects in real time. 

Ready to have your own custom lifesaving plan tailored to your animal shelter? Take 5 minutes and register today!