August 15, 2019
Categories: Animal Behavior, Staff and Volunteers, Grants

Looking to start or expand a low-cost shelter enrichment program for dogs? We have the resource for you!

In case you missed this valuable post on Maddie’s Pet Forum – one of our Innovation grantees, Far Side Journey, used their grant to develop the Boredom Buster Program, a low-cost shelter enrichment program for dogs. They piloted the program at the Los Angeles Animal Services’ Chesterfield Square Animal Care Center. The program was such a success that they’re planning on continuing it and implementing it at another shelter!

What’s more, they created an incredible e-booklet that can be used by any organization to start or expand an enrichment program for dogs. This resource has a ton of enrichment activities (some tried and true, some new), and appendices with report/schedule/whiteboard examples so you don’t have to start from scratch.

What really sets their e-booklet apart is that they break down each enrichment activity into two levels: a Staff Resource Requirement level, and a Volunteer Difficulty level. Using their system, you can easily customize your program to match the available resources at your shelter! How nice is that?

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Questions about the booklet? Ask away over on the Maddie’s Pet Forum post where this was first shared!