Woman holding small cute kittens

It’s raining kittens, the temperature is up, but we got you covered! 

 If you didn’t already know, Maddie’s® Pet Forum is a great place to exchange ideas, ask for help and share resources. We wanted to take a moment and spotlight a few recent posts. Head on over to these posts to learn something new or share your experience.  

Help with existing volunteer program
Nevada SPCA was looking for ideas how to retool their current foster program. They’d like to go from a sort of free-for-all program to one with more structure. The discussion was great and we know that you all could offer some sage advice.  

Questions about A Playbook Approach to Saving Lives in Animal Shelters webinar
Dr. Sara Pizano will be stopping by to answer any questions you may have about her webinar. In it, she focused on how just a little change in perspective can make a big lifesaving difference.

Kittens, kittens everywhere!
Do you pair up solo kittens in foster homes? Why or why not?

An interview with Dr. Kate Hurley
Did you know that the co-founder of Million Cat Challenge loves to ballroom dance, but hates bananas? Find this and her thoughts on Capacity for Care in this insightful interview.  

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