November 18, 2021
Categories: Staff and Volunteers

Want to learn how you can make your volunteer program(s) even better? The folks behind the Volunteer Program Assessment are offering their amazing service to shelters at no cost! But hurry, applicants will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

The process for the Volunteer Program Assessment (or VPA) is simple: a consultant from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte or another affiliate university will contact you and discuss your program. They will then provide you with an online survey tool you can administer to your volunteers. The survey results are then tabulated and presented back to you in a report that’s yours to keep, and a follow-up call will help to ensure you understand the results and what recommendations have been made for your program. The VPA allows you to understand how the program is experienced by the people who are in it, as well as learn how your program stacks up to other animal welfare organizations.

The VPA’s overarching vision is to help nonprofit leaders understand the strengths and weaknesses of their volunteer program, from the perspective of their volunteers, and provide insights into the strategic management of their volunteer resources. We’ve heard from lots of organizations who have done VPA and their testimonies are extremely positive.

VPA is first come, first served and is for shelters with a brick and mortar location and at least 30 volunteers; not rescue organizations at this time.

To learn more about VPA and submit an application, visit and apply in the “Apply Now!” tab.