October 13, 2020
Categories: Adoption, Webcasts
increasing your animal welfare organization's adoptions

Want to increase adoptions? One way to do so may be thinking about what pets you aren’t allowing to go home, and revisiting your policies.

Is it time we start empowering adopters to take home pets with illnesses, injuries and behavioral problems to allow them to grow, heal and recover?

Monica Frenden from Austin Pets Alive! tackles this question in her webcast, Let Them Go Home –Increasing Adoptions.

Frenden says you shouldn’t assume what the public will or will not adopt. “People want to feel like heroes,” she says and want to adopt a special needs animal. It’s also time to start believing unadoptable is unacceptable she says.

It’s time, Frenden says, to stop looking for perfect. The perfect adopter, the perfect pet, the perfect living situation. “Our job is not to make animals perfect,” she says. As difficult as that concept is, it’s important to embrace it. “We’re not the Four Seasons for pets,” she adds.

Learn how to let go of the idea of perfect, embrace open adoptions and let animals go home that are awaiting medical treatments.