May 7, 2024
Categories: Collaboration

Spring has sprung and the activity is blooming on Maddie’s® Pet Forum! We rounded up several recent posts that you may find useful or may want to contribute to. Happy reading!

Trap-neuter-return (TNR) kits
One organization shares that they’re putting together “TNR Kits” for their TNR applicants. Has your organization tried this and had success or advice? Can you think of anything else that might be essential for trapping in addition to their list? Add your advice

From south to north
Another organization is looking for help improving their transport program. They ask, “Do you find that there are certain dogs in your areas that are adopted better than others?  If you are a shelter or rescue in the north, are you finding that you have more dogs up for adoption than before? The numbers seem to indicate everyone is having trouble getting these lovable babies forever homes.  Is anyone on here interesting in partnering in a transport program if it seems to fit their goals?” Chime in!

Successful fundraising idea: Kitten Yoga 
See how this organization saw several people asking about fundraising ideas and decided to share a new idea they tried. Kitten yoga! “A local winery donated the space–which was on their beautiful grounds. Our volunteers brought in some of their outgoing foster kittens and stayed to supervise. The day also featured a raffle and the winery held their tastings as usual.” See how they did it. 

New Volunteer Programming
This organization needs your help on best volunteer programs. “We are a shelter who has around 650 current profiles and need to make sure whatever program we use is easy for volunteers to use to sign up and easy for staff to see the schedule, preferably without having to login each time.” Share your thoughts

Job Alert: Development Associate, Las Vegas Valley Humane Society
The Las Vegas Valley Humane Society (LVVHS) is seeking a Development Associate. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a dynamic, growing nonprofit animal rescue organization based in Las Vegas, NV. The Development Associate’s role is to manage social media, plan and execute fundraising campaigns and events, and secure grant funding. Learn more!