October 21, 2015
Categories: Adoption, Customer Service, Conference Recordings

The phrase “customer service” doesn’t always roll off the tongue of people in animal adoption circles. The people we interact with are adopters, not customers, and the pets in our care aren’t a product or service, but living beings. Right?

Of course that’s true. But it doesn’t mean we can’t serve pets better, and save more of them, by incorporating the principles and practices of stellar customer service into our adoption processes.

At the recent American Pets Alive! No Kill Conference in Austin, TX, Marc Peralta of Best Friends Animal Society walked his audience through the meaning and components of providing good adoption-centered customer service. He covered:

  • Myths vs facts
  • Client service
  • Pre-adoption support
  • Surveys and process
  • Adoption follow-up
  • High-volume adoptions
  • Audience questions

Watch his complete presentation, then take a quiz to earn a certificate of attendance!