April 18, 2023
Categories: Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service at your animal shelter or rescue organization is a vital component of keeping pets and people together. The impact that customer service has on our communities is vast, and whether or not that service is great or poor, can affect your organization.

“Customer Service for Animal Shelters” is now available in Spanish as well as English. Part of making an organization more inclusive is offering services, brochures, customer service and more, in a variety of languages. Not only for the community your organization is a part of, but for staff members as well.

This self-paced course on Maddie’s® University lays the groundwork for the connection between assisting people and helping pets, as well as the elements of great customer service. Then it gives practical advice for developing the skills needed by anyone who interacts with clients or customers.

Enroll now in Spanish or English.

Ahora disponible en español en Maddie’s® University: Servicio al Cliente para Refugios de Animales
Ofrecer un gran servicio al cliente es fundamental para ayudar a los animales de nuestras comunidades. Este curso sienta primero las bases de la conexión entre servir a las personas y ayudar a las mascotas, así como los elementos de un gran servicio al cliente. A continuación, ofrece consejos prácticos para desarrollar las habilidades que necesita cualquier persona que interactúe con clientes o consumidores. Enlístate Ahora