July 28, 2017
Categories: Video

Two of the Internet’s most famous cats, Cole and Marmalade, have a message for you: Adopting a cat will bring so many wonderful changes to your love, that “if that ain’t love, they don’t know what is!”

Whether it’s the attentive audience when you use the bathroom, the amazing ability of an animal the size of a cat to take up an entire king-sized bed, or the way they wriggle themselves into your daily life and chores, there’s no doubt that in the enduring bargain between cats and people, the human race probably has the edge.

If you haven’t met Cole and Marmalade before, both were adopted by their worshipful humans, Chris and Jessica.

Cole was adopted off the streets in 2012, when he was only around 6 weeks old, and Marmalade from someone who no longer wanted him. Marmalade is FIV+ and a cancer survivor. Learn more about them here.

Have a wonderful #FeelGoodFriday!

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