How a MaddieCam can showcase innovation at your animal shelter or rescue group

Do you have innovative, lifesaving programs at your animal organization? Do you collaborate with others and share ideas in the name of lifesaving? A MaddieCam might be a great tool for you! It’s no secret that innovation, collaboration and transparency are three things we encourage here at Maddie’s Fund®, which is why we came up… Learn More

Counting shelter animals saves lives, #ThanksToMaddie

In early 2016, Maddie’s Fund® had a dream: What if hundreds or even a thousand shelters and adoption groups would come together and share their data through Shelter Animals Count? Shelter Animals Count was established to create a national database of animal shelter statistics. At the time of our dream, just over 400 participating organizations… Learn More

The Million Cat Challenge is saving shelter cats, #ThanksToMaddie!

“Every cat counts.” That’s the motto of our funded Million Cat Challenge, and it’s one Maddie’s Fund® wholeheartedly believes in. That’s why, from April 29 to May 31, 2016, we gave 596 grants totaling $617,500 to shelters that joined the Challenge, and to Challenge shelters that referred new participants. The Million Cat Challenge was launched… Learn More

One simple mistake to avoid when applying for a grant

Applying for a grant  can be overwhelming — so overwhelming some animal shelters or rescue organizations miss out on money for reasons that can easily be avoided. Like this one: During Maddie’s Fund’s last innovation grant application period, we had over 400 applicants, but awarded grants to only 67 recipients. The reason wasn’t lack of… Learn More

Thanks for telling us what to do with our money, grant recipients!

The tables have turned at Maddie’s Fund®. “Our grant process used to be that we would tell you what to do with the money,” said Mary Ippoliti-Smith of the Executive Leadership Team. “Now people are telling us what they’re going to do with it. It’s pretty awesome.” She’s talking about the $360,000 Maddie’s Fund just… Learn More

Innovation grants pay off for the animals, #ThanksToMaddie

Lifesaving just got a whole lot more innovative! After the 2016 Humane Society of the United States Expo, we invited attendees to submit Innovation Grant proposals in various categories from adoptions and technology to public engagement. It’s no surprise the proposals came pouring in, and we just awarded more than $307,000 to 60 organizations across the U.S.!… Learn More

These shelters and rescue groups won big, and so can you!

If you were at the 2016 Best Friends Animal Society National Conference last month, you probably heard a lot of whooping and hollering from the Booth 205. Yep, that was us! People lined up for a chance to play the Maddie Spin and Win machine and 36 lucky organizations won $500 and $1,000 grants. (Although from inspiring… Learn More

How to start a lifesaving organization for special needs cats

When Terri Duncan and her daughter wandered into a pet store 12 years ago, she had no idea how her life would change. “We struck up a conversation with a foster mom for a rescue group.  My daughter and I were both charmed with the idea of fostering ‘bottle babies,’” said Duncan. “We left the… Learn More

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