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Beige kitten plays on a computer keyboard

A free technology resource guide for your animal organization

Whether you made it to our technology session at Animal Care Expo last month or not, we have great resources to help you save more lives with the power of tech! The session pulled together a panel of experts in animal welfare technology: Dr. Sheila D’Arpino, Director of Research for Maddie’s Fund®; Lars Rabbe, Maddie’s… Learn More

Cassidy's first steps on his own after getting his tiny wheelchair

#FeelGoodFriday: Two-legged miracle kitten gets the tiniest wheelchair

Tiny Cassidy was found at nine weeks old in the forest, with only two legs. He was starving and sick. His story could have ended badly, but it didn’t, thanks to rescuers at Canada’s Tiny Kittens Society and veterinarians at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital. They nursed him to health, and then they decided to reach… Learn More

Woman holding small cute kittens

2 simple ways to improve your kitten foster program

Cat Adoption Team has a pretty rocking foster program, with roughly 100 foster homes that care for nearly 1,000 kittens a year. So, when they dispense tips, we listen. During a webinar with ASPCApro, Kristi Brooks of Cat Adoption Team gave advice on how to strengthen your foster care program and make it more accessible… Learn More

Shelter dog in armchair

#FeelGoodFriday: Shelter dogs on big, comfy chairs

The only thing better than getting adopted is getting comfy in the meantime! That’s the likely opinion of these shelter dogs who are benefiting from the recent craze of putting armchairs into animal shelters so the pets can chill out in comfort. The chairs make the pets more appealing to adopters, too. It’s a classic… Learn More

Animal welfare conversations are happening 24/7 at Maddie’s® Pet Forum

It happens to all of us in animal welfare: A problem arises, and for the life of you, you just can’t figure out a solution. Thanks to Maddie, help is here — and it’s free! “Maddie’s® Pet Forum is an exciting new virtual place where you can join with other shelter and rescue organization professionals… Learn More


#FeelGoodFriday: Little girl donates her birthday to animal shelter

So, here’s the thing: Kids are the future of animal welfare. And with kids like Olivia in the world, that future’s looking bright! The little girl decided all she wanted for her birthday was to help homeless animals. So she put out the word to her friends and family to bring pet toys, supplies, and… Learn More

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